Friday, November 06, 2009


My FOX Houston reports that a jury took four and a half hours to convict Royce Zeigler of murder in the case of "Baby Grace," AKA Riley Ann Sawyers. Riley's mother was convicted in February.

I wrote about this story here and here.

So now both these killers are behind bars. For life. The prosecutors didn't go for the death penalty because they weren't sure they could convince a jury that the scumsuckers present an ongoing risk to society.

If you can figure that one out, let me know...


  1. The article says "automatic life." Nothing about "no parole."

  2. hmm. I am all about LWOP for killers. Not so much for DP. But if they become eligible for parole I get all kinds of mad. Life should mean exactly that. You take a life, you get locked up in a hole for the rest of yours.

  3. Did you read what they did to that baby? OMG! I hope some jailbird offs them!

  4. No death sentence? WTF??

    I read what they did.

    Let's send articles about it to the prisons they end up in, just so everyone knows.

    Sick, sick, fuckers.

    This is one of those cases that physically makes me sick.

  5. Yeah, me, too!

    The link from the February story was the one that explained why they didn't go for the DP, but it is now disabled.

    It makes me sick to think that these two could be out in time to reproduce...again.

  6. Yes, I read what they did.

    Ronni, the DP is flawed in so many ways, until we can get it right, it should be against the law. When there is NO doubt (I dont have any doubt in this case mind you) I have no problem. However I think that LWOP is not only cheaper, but also more of a punishment then being put to sleep.

  7. It wouldn't BE cheaper, if we didn't coddle Death Row inmates along for decades before executing them. Yes, it is hugely more expensive to keep a prisoner in solitary like they do on Death Row than to dump them in with the general population.

    I just think that, by actions such as those perpetrated by this couple, killers put themselves outside the bounds of humanity, and no longer deserve the consideration due to human beings.

    You are correct that there needs to be no doubt that the right person is convicted.

  8. As far as LWOP being more of a punishment...I agree. However, I'm not vindictive. I just want the killers to have all rights removed, including the right to breathe.

    Did you know that LWOP prisoners have received organ transplants? While good people die waiting for a match! Because the programs that match donors and recipients don't take any sort of social status into consideration. I can see that, in theory, that's a good thing. However, I firmly believe that a prisoner does not deserve medical intervention of that sort.

    If he has a toothache, pull it. If he has a bad heart, too bad. Cancer? Tough. I'm willing to allow them analgesics (grudgingly) because all that screaming unnerves the guards.

    I recognize that I am not a nice person.

  9. I also am not a nice person.

    I think they should die slow and painful deaths, executed in the manner in which they killed that poor baby girl.

    These people are MONSTERS. They were supposed to be safety and love for that little girl and instead, they tortured her.

    They do not deserve to live the rest of their lives in the relative comfort of prison. Our tax dollars should not pay for them to have better medical care than law-abiding citizens of this country. We should not have to feed them when there are American citizens who go hungry.

    Beat them, bludgeon them, put their bodies in a plastic container, and drop them in Galveston Bay.

  10. The way I feel this way is because there have been so many innocents killed.

    I do not believe they dont have the right to breathe.

    In Texas its just as about as bad as it can get.

  11. Nessa, your last comment didn't make much sense, but I know where you are coming from. I'm upset, too.

    I don't think they should be tortured, because doing that makes us as bad as they are (in a way). I just think they must be eliminated. Removed. Erased.

    But I know you are thinking about a mother and stepfather that could do that to a tiny child, not much younger than Ethan, and it breaks your heart.

    Riley...Caylee...none of them deserve what happened to them.

  12. Sorry. I had just taken my sleeping pill. I guess it kicked in pretty fast!

    This whole case just makes me sick and it boggles my mind. I just ... I don't know. I want those two to suffer for what they did. I don't think life in prison qualifies as justice served in this case.

  13. Thats the thing Nessa about ONE of the things about the DP that I disagree with.

    They dont suffer. They get put to sleep. When we are ABSOLUTELY positive that someone did it, then really I think there should be more suffering pain wise. But that makes us bad as your Mom says, so its really a conundrum.

    Taking away someone's freedom I think is far more suffering than being put to sleep. Just from how I feel about it in any case. I would rather die than spend my life behind bars with only one hour a day to roam around in a bigger cage.

    Take for example Joseph E. Duncan. He knows what its like behind bars. Why do you think he is trying so hard to get himself the death penalty?

  14. OK, now I get it. It wasn't you, it was me.

    The problem with Life is that some of these psychopaths adapt pretty well to Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony.