Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trenor Trial

I wrote about the sad case of Riley Ann Sawyer back when her body was identified. As it was over a year ago, you might want to click the link to refresh your memory.

Or not. It's very sad.

The parents were teens, living with his mother in Mentor OH. Kimberly, the egg donor, ran off to Texas with some guy she met on line, while involved in one of those role-playing games. The bitch took the baby with her. The baby wound up beaten to death and dumped into Galveston Bay in a weighted box. Stupid egg donor and stepfather thought that would be the end of it, and the egg donor told the neighbours that someone from CPS in Ohio came and got the baby.

Now the egg donor is on trial. Her husband gets his own trial; no doubt they are blaming each other.

The kicker is that she was pregnant at the time of her arrest. Stepfather's relatives are fostering that baby now. Her family wants the baby.

No, I take that back. The REAL kicker is that the State of Texas, in its infinite wisdom, is not seeking the death penalty. Why not (after all, they seek it and get it for all sorts of other killers)? The answer is, because they are not sure they can convince a jury that these two baby beaters pose a continuing threat to society!

Well, they may not threaten Joe the Plumber, or Marcy the Math Teacher, but I would say they are a definite threat to any children they might have, either singly or together!

Is killing a child not considered a threat to society? What the hell is going on?

Article in a Tuscon AZ paper


  1. Is Scout's board down?

  2. Hi Ronni, I've been visiting, but not commenting. Going through a funny patch....

    Another appalling case. It should be a natural instinct to want to protect your children from all harm. They deserve to die.

  3. I'm sorry, Mgt. I've been missing you, but, considering the last thing you said, I thought you mkight be feeling uncommunicative...

  4. The longer I live, the weirder life gets.


  5. Here's another appalling case where a mother choses to kill her 12 year ols daughter lest she lose her live-in boyfriend.

    Warning: Some details are disturbing.

    The Canadian Judicial System is MUCH TOO SOFT on these animals.

    Robert Latimer PLANNED the murder of his 12 year old daughter for days before he executed her in 1993. Thing is, he had the support of 73% of the Canadian pubic -- Tacey had cerebral palsy. People were outraged that he had to serve almost 10 years in prison -- the life of a child is under-valued by our judicial and, if you happen to have a disiability, even moreso. He tried to justify her murder as a mercy killing but the facts -- and I have studied them extensively -- don't bear him out. However much he tries to be seen as a martyr doesn't change the fact that he's a murderer.

    To this day, Latimer has not shown one iota of remorse - he has never expressed even missing his child. Upon release, he headed to Ottawa loaded with his self-righteous indignation rather than go back to his prairie farm with his wife and other kids. Seems he thinks he's owed an apology for being held accountable for his Sunday morning murder.

    Animals I say -- but .. wait... Don't most animals protect their youngn with their own lives?

  6. Some of these people get some appallingly light sentences here, too. check out "News of Doom" in my sidebar. Trench Reynolds talks about many such cases.