Sunday, November 08, 2009

Misty Morning

I went for a little walk this morning...well, actually, I stepped outside just around dawn, coffee cup in hand, to notice an intriguing mist settled on the neighbourhood. I traded the coffee for a camera, and strolled down the street. Never mind that I'm wearing plaid pajamas, with an old fleece sweater thrown over (and no bra). Nobody is up...

On the way back, I spotted Banshee sitting in a neighbour's driveway. I stopped to give him a bit of a lecture about that. I just happened to glance up at the garage door right behind my ridiculous cat, and, guess what? There was a man looking out the garage window.

Oops. Caught!


  1. No worries. PJ's are acceptable attire for early am. I have been known to wear pj bottoms to the C Store more than once. And once looking around, I am certainly not the only one.

    And I have found that fleece is a good coverup for unsupported boobage.

  2. I saw that foggy morning too. It would have been a nice day for a stroll in flannel and fleece. Good for you for just going for it! ...t

  3. Tracie, my phone has been acting up. Ramona called me one day, and the message came through 6 hours later. I'd love to get back to walking but not sure of your schedule since Gene retired. Would evenings be better?

  4. Hey Ronni, see my email or call about walking. ...Tracie