Friday, November 06, 2009


Well, hell!

I just don't feel like writing today.

More dead in Ft. Hood...I guess a couple of the injured succumbed. This isn't going to be pretty. Of course I wish it hadn't happened, but as well as that, I wish it had not been a Muslim who did it.

Of course, nobody is making noises about terrorism in the Orlando case, where some guy who was fired TWO YEARS ago showed up at his former workplace and killed one and injured six. THAT one is deemed "workplace violence." So why isn't the Ft. Hood case considered "workplace violence?"

I hear the body count is up to twelve in the Cleveland mass murder, serial killer (whichever it turns out to be) case. You know...the one where police walked up to the front door on Sept. 22, and then walked away, in spite of the odor of human decomposition...members of the same police department that can't find time to investigate missing persons reports because the missing are black women, allegedly into drugs.

Never mind the jobless rate is up to over 10%--and that doesn't count those who have been forced out of jobs due to ageism, or have just given up.

Document dump in the Caylee Anthony case with info that a syringe with chloroform in it found near her body. Might not be connected, of course, but with searches for chloroform on the computer and chloroform found in the trunk of Casey's car, this seems to be a horrible hint as to how that poor baby might have died.

Remember the census worker found hanged in the Daniel Boone National Forest? Kentucky officials are now thinking it might have been suicide. In spite of the fact that he was bound with duct tape, had his census taker ID taped to his face, was stark naked and had the word "FED" written on his chest, the fact that they didn't find any defensive wounds lets them doubt that there are anti-establishment hicks in them thar hills...

I give up. I'm going to take pictures of teapots.


  1. I'm starting to feel the same way.

  2. Ronni- Regarding Kentucky, a guy (or more likely, guys) with a gun can get another person to do 'bout anything. If he was being verbally reassured that this was just a warning, or that if he cooperated he wouldn't be killed, well... I thought the FBI was in on this one...Jeesh! The scenario I visualize from reading all I can find about how it looked, I imagine him being hung, but because it's hard work hanging someone like him, or they screwed up the rope system they had (too long), they then have to just pull him by his ankles as tightly as they can, moving away from the tree, until they're certain he's dead. That would be one explanation that would make the facts as I understand them, work. Horrible for that poor man. It's a very elaborate set-up for a suicide and from what I can read no one who knew him thought of him as suicidal. Also, if a small group was involved, it may well have started out as one thing and developed into a more dangerous dynamic. A beefy reward might be helpful, IMHO.

  3. WOW OK, I am now depresssed...I apparently have bee really out of the loop here! I have been in a haze of pain meds etc. and have missed a lot,just barely caught the Fort Hood stuff. OMG what is our world coming too?

  4. Sorry, Terri...didn't intend to bring you down! Just venting...

  5. Why isn't the Fort Hood shooting posted for what it truthfully is? More deaths due to the inept and insane war that Bush and Cheney started and cut-backs in veteran's benefits that has been been going on for years. An illegal pre-emptive war based on lies that has now killed more American citizens than the 9/11 attack did, and injured thousands more. And of course, because they're foreign and must be terrorists, we certainly don't care about the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children victims of our invasion. I absolutely support our troops and thank them for their bravery. But I hate the former president and the idiots who have these young people believing the lies that they are "fighting for our freedom". They might as well be blowing themselves up to meet 72 virgins in Heaven, the premise is just as ridiculous. ..t