Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Abaroa Released!

Ladies, look out for this guy!

OK, now I'm REALLY angry!  This article is the first I had heard of the case since he took an Alford plea in 2014.  He was SUPPOSED to serve 95 to 123 months.  That's approximately eight to ten years, for y'all who don't know their 12 times table.

Instead, he's out in less than FOUR years! 

This is the guy who killed his pregnant wife in 2005.  It took them five years to arrest him, and then only because he tried to marry someone else, and SHE went to the cops when he said some suspicious things to her.

Read up on it here, if you can stomach it!

I don't know why North Carolina seems to go so easily on people who murder their wives, but this is not the first case where they have had trouble getting a conviction, or a decent sentence.

Fuck these guys and fuck the system that lets them out early!

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