Monday, January 01, 2018

The New Year Starts on a Monday.

Last year began on Sunday and that didn't work so well.  Is there some sort of reverse thing going on here?  After all, "The child that's born on the sabbath day is fair and bright and good and gay."  Didn't see a lot of those qualities this past year.  We had drab and dull and bad and sad.  I've always thought that "Monday's child is fair of face" is a bit superficial, but hey.  It is what it is.

The usual complement of icons from my misspent youth shuffled off this mortal is a fairly comprehensive list.  From Chuck Berry to Sue Grafton, we are down several score of friendly voices, at a time when every little bit of positivity counts.  There were a few of whom I say, "Good Riddance," such as Charles Manson and that bishop who shuffled priests accused of child molestation around from parish to parish on the grounds that they had "repented."  I swear, I wish I believed in Hell as an actual thing.

I had fun costuming several shows, one of which, For the Love of Mahalia, got me a Broadway World nomination for costuming, which is an honour in itself.  Many thanks to Austin Theatre Project and RKJB Entertainment, for letting me play.

Things were pretty grim on the political front, but we had a few hints towards the end that make me hope for a change this year.  Keep fingers crossed, please, and knock wood, or whatever you do.  RESIST!

So, here's to keeping on keeping on.

All the best to everyone in this Year of Change!

Oh, and Surfy?  Could you please contact me via the email link in my profile, or leave a comment saying how I can contact you?  That would be awesome!

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