Thursday, October 03, 2013

Review! "The Red Velvet Cake War"

"At the core of the play are a trio of heroines wonderfully played by Linda Myers, Raynelle Shelley, and Rhonda Roe. Myers is wonderfully fragile and unpredictable as a woman on the brink of a massive mental breakdown. Shelley is hysterical as the sex-crazed, mortuary cosmetologist and de facto widow (her husband drove off in an 18 wheeler years ago and hasn't been heard from since), and Roe is brilliant as the tough, scowling, unibrowed tomboy of the bunch. The supporting players are at the top of their game as well. BJ Machalicek and Veronica Prior are downright evil as Aunt LaMerle and Bitsy Hargis (the town trollop), respectively. These are two villains you love to hate. And as 90-year-old Uncle Aubrey Verdeen, Frank Benge is a scene-stealer. The wise but crass Uncle Aubrey gets the show's best one-liners, such as, "What I want to know is why they call them 'hemorrhoids' and not 'asteroids,'" and Benge delivers each one with the perfect deadpan."

We get pictures taken this Sunday, so I shall post some as soon as possible after that.

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