Monday, June 25, 2012

How Many Is It Now?

Well, surprise, surprise.  Another rant about people who screw up our costumes.

Do you know what this is?  Well,'s a suit.  A vintage, all-wool designer suit.  Why, you may ask, does it look so terrible?  Because some fucking idiot laundered it, and then added insult to injury by putting it in the dryer!  How do I know this?  Well...look at it!  it's ruined.  Besides, I could smell the fabric softener!

This went out for a school show, and I saw the instructions sent home to the parents by the teacher.  She mentioned that a lot of the costumes could be washed, but the parent (or student) who did this obviously has no idea how to take care of a suit.  Or just doesn't care.

We might be able to put this on a person in a breadline, but that's about it.  This will no longer go on an executive, or a gangster, or any other "sharp-dressed man."


  1. OMFG! What fucking idiot doesn't know you don't throw suits in the washing machine? Was this for some kid who just decided on his own to wash it? That might be understandable, although the parent should not have let that happen. But if it was the parent who actually washed a suit in a machine then that is just plain stupidity. Please tell me there was at least a deposit. It won't bring back a vintage suit but it's something.

  2. We don't know who washed it. It was a middle school show, and it could well have been the child. No deposit. Nothing. Because it was not an individual rental.

  3. Too bad Ramona can't charge more for wool suits in bulk rentals like that, or at least an individual deposit. Maybe she should consider charging an individual deposit, but I guess she has to think how much that could affect overall business in the long run. Sheesh! Well the "hobo" who wears it might smell nice anyway. -t