Tuesday, June 19, 2012

True to Form

SSS has recently been given a perfect opportunity to actually be the kind of father he always pretended to be. 

Vanessa needs a place to live for herself and her two children.  SSS lives alone in a four-bedroom house within walking distance of an elementary school.  He has been alone since his wife died nearly a year ago.  Vanessa's unemployment insurance has run out, and her useless husband has just lost his job, so bang goes the child support.  We were hoping that Vanessa's UH would be a UEH (Useless EX Husband) by now, but such is not the case.  What is the case, though, is that UH has a girlfriend who can support him and enable him to escape child support payments, just exactly like SSS had when Chandra and Vanessa were small.

But SSS's house, far from being empty, is (according to reports) piled to the rafters with stuff, much like Addy's.  I've been told that he hasn't even got rid of Charyl's clothes and costume jewelry.  He's as much a candidate for "Hoarders" as I was.

The upshot is that it is just too much trouble to clear it all out so Vanessa can have a place to live for a while.  I realize he is in poor health.  However, we could round up a posse to take care of all that, if he were willing.

Instead of that, I will make room in this small three bedroom house, which already contains four adults and a teenager, to fit in Vanessa's little family.

Don't you worry your pretty little head, SSS.  I'll look after them.  Like I always have.  Like you never have.

Way to mend fences with your daughter you scummy piece of shit.

I hope you lie on the floor and can't get up for four days before anyone thinks to look for you.


  1. Well he's offered to get me a storage unit for all my stuff, and he's been looking into prices of extended-stay motels, and he said he'd hive me money for last month's car payment and my cell phone bill this month... I just don't quite understand why we can't put my big stuff and the stuff in two of the rooms into the storage...

    1. I don't know, either. He just doesn't want his own corner of hell to be disrupted, I guess. He has no idea how awesome getting shaken out of his rut would be!

    2. I'm pretty thankful for the storage unit, though. Mollie had offered some room in hers but I had forgotten about the washer/dryer. At least everything will be in one place.