Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Dobells

From left to right, Zoë, Marion, Enid, John, Guy and Joan.  I have to love the insouçant cigarette dangling from my dad's hand  I think he is wearing plus fours.  Trying so hard to look sophisticated.  The date on this one is 1925, but I think it must be later, as Dad looks older than 17.
 This is an earlier picture.  My dad is not there...must have been away at school, or something.  He would have been 10 or 11 at the time this was taken, as it is dated 1919.

It shows some of the house.  I love this, complete with Aunt Enid's wiggly dog.  I notice Granny has a large hem in her skirt and can't help but wonder if she had shortened it (or had it shortened) to be stylish in the photo.  Remember that people put a lot of thought into clothing for photos, as they were a very formal family record.  Here's a closer crop:

A big "thank you" to Ben for scanning them.


  1. In the cropped photograph I love Aunt Enid's dog intently concentrating on the Siamese cat! LOL

    1. There is so much in old photos that no one intended at the time!

  2. Is Zoe holding a bear in the top one?

  3. Damn, these are amazing. What with the dog in the first shot! Setting up a whole family like that and the animals at the same time back in the day musta been CRAzy.