Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off in a Cloud of Dust and Eagle Piss

This is what Dallas looked like when I came through today.  I was stuck in traffic for miles, with emergency vehicles squeezing by on the right and semi trucks fore and aft.  And a hell of a storm threatening.  Eventually, the accident cleared out, and the storm moved off to the east.  All we got was a bit of rain.

Downtown Dallas is awesome.  Too bad I didn't get stuck in traffic there!  There's no way I was getting off the freeway, even to look at the awesome skyscrapers.

South-eastern Oklahoma is very pretty, but I didn't take time to stop for pictures.  Looks a bit like the Hill Country.  Somehow, I got on a toll road, which is good, as the roads through Oklahoma SUCK big green donkey dick!  Twice, I pulled off 69 to see if I had a flat tire.  I couldn't play CDs because the road was too bumpy.  Tomorrow, I can take this toll road across Missouri.  I will be cruising at 75 and listening to whatever I want.  Chandra told me gas would be cheap in Oklahoma, and she was right.  $3.24/gallon.  Not bad.  Can you believe that?  Whoever thought that $3.24/gal would  be "not bad?"

So.  St. Louis tomorrow night, and Iowa the next.  Woot!

It's fun to be on the road again!

Tonight, I am in a motel that I really can't afford, but dining on a Power Bar.  Hey.  It's either that or peanuts.

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