Wednesday, January 25, 2012

After After Pictures

 Dearly Beloved, may I present:  The Silver Skate...Hans, for short.

Sorry the pics are small...Tracie sent them in an email, and I can't figure out how to enlarge them.

I'm happy with this car, so far.  I've bought badly in the past, so I am really hoping this one is a good one.  It drives well.  I will probably need brakes within a year, but Minni would have needed that, too.  It's a year newer than Minni, and has less than a thousand miles more.  The seats and doors are in better shape.  And the automatic windows!

I drove three different Miatas.  One, at Apple Sports Cars, looked promising, until I drove it.  It didn't accelerate, and it turned out that they had washed the engine and got a coil wet, which prevented that cylinder from firing.  That, and the radio didn't work, the salesman didn't even know the battery was in the trunk, and they wouldn't dicker on the price.  He kept apologizing, and saying, "It was fine yesterday."  Not the attitude I expected from the reputable dealer that Apple is.  I tried an older one (1994) from a dealer out in Leander, but, while cute, it would have needed a new transmission right away.  Roger Beasley Mazda claimed to have one, but a week ago they were about to drop a new motor in it, and as of Monday, they were still about to drop a new motor in it.  So, I bought this one.

The top needs a little stitching, but even with the severe rain we got last night, the towel I put in there was barely damp. 

So.  Who wants to go for a ride?


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  2. I'm so pleased that you found the car you wanted. Happy (and safe) driving.

  3. I'm so glad that you're ok, Mom; that's the most important thing. The adorable silver car is just a bonus on top of that!

    Love you,

  4. Yay!!! So happy for you Ronnie!!! Enjoy your drives :)

    Tomah Belle

    1. you and hans better stay out of trouble.


  5. Brilliant Ronni! I love Hans already. Lisa named my Miata (MX-5 sorry - always a Miata to me) Mary. Mary, Mary quite contrary, yep it fits.

    Hans looks fabulous and don't forget our friend at Crazy Red Italian for a decent horn. I'll be there next week, Miatas' need to be heard in a world of giant planet killing SUVs!

    Happy motoring Ronni! We hope to see you soon.


  6. I never did get Minni's installed. Maybe he would take them back (new in package) and trade for a silver set...