Sunday, February 05, 2012

Catching Up

Life has been a whirlwind. 

Hans is behaving well, so far.  Still haven't had time to go for a real drive, something I must do before I go to Iowa in May.  Of course, I freak out at every little sound and vibration--but the Skate runs well and gets good gas mileage.  I need to drive the heck out of it in the first three months, while I have a partial warranty.

Hamlet opens on Friday, and I have most of the costumes together.  Pictures to follow.  Lynn has set it in Napoleonic times, which is very pretty for clothes.  Not that easy, though, and compromises have had to be made and the rental is outrageous, even getting them from A Cut Above.  Add that to the fact that nobody in the show is really thin, except for Chandra, and you have me in the middle of costuming fits.  Oh, and a lot of our boots and such have been out, with the return date pushed back and back.  People don't realize that the things they have rented are needed as soon as they come back, but that's a rant you have all heard before.

The house still floods whenever we turn on the water.  After the ground dries up (we have been getting some much-needed rain), that won't be as bad, but it is beyond my budget to fix it.  Oh, and my brother-in-law is trying to sell the house out from under me because I'm behind on taxes.  Don't ask...just hope that my next post is not from under a bridge somewhere.

I have a toothache.  That last lonely wisdom tooth is going to have to go.  Soon, too.

One more thing...if you plan to eat at Cafe Ole in Georgetown, think twice.  Vanessa and I went there last night, and it was not nice.  First, the wait turned out to be twice as long as we were told, the table was too high in the booth where the seated us, the cold air blew directly on us so the food got cold right away...I ordered beef in my stuffed avocado, and got chicken, and they promised me fresh coffee, but when they came to refill, it was the bottom of the pot and they forgot the cream.  The coffee was, of course, tepid by the time they got back with cream.  A waiter went by with one of those things they set trays on, and whacked the high chair, narrowly missing hitting Eli in the head.  I complained about all of the above, and they forgave the ticket,  What we did eat, we didn't have to pay for.  I won't go back.  Still, we did find out that Eli likes avocado...

My thoughts have turned to politics.  Expect more on the War on Women, Occupy, and the election in general, as soon as I have time to string two thoughts together.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Superbowl and stay out of trouble.


  1. Ronni! Did you read about the Powell's yet. I just read. That evil man killed the kids now and of course himself. The wimp that he was.

  2. Yes I did. I have no words, but I'm working on some.

  3. I knew that if anyone would keep up with this travesty, that you would.xxoomoire