Saturday, January 14, 2012

After Pictures

Poor Minni.  What a mess!  I guess maybe it's a good thing it's totalled; I'd be worried about driving it.

You can see where they stuffed the front bumper and other stray parts inside. 
Ronni of the Woeful Countenance!  I have to get somebody to get pictures of my knee and ankle, now that the bruise is technicoloured and the swelling hasn't gone down.  My face is still a bit scabby, but the fat lip has returned to normal.  I'm glad of the airbag.  A few scrapes and a blister...I could have been dead!

It's difficult to avoid being sad that my little car is not worth mending, and I shall never forget the image of the cop driving it off the road; its fog light trailing by a wire, but still glowing bravely.  I can't say I will never be sentimental about another car, but this one was really special.

RIP, Minni.  I hope that whatever parts are salvageable help other Miata people keep their cars up and running.


  1. I'm so sorry Ronni, I know what that car meant to you. Good thing though. Your face REALLY got off easy. Still beautiful after all these years!

  2. ronni,
    i didn't realize that you had been in an accident.
    i'm glad that you weren't seriously injured although
    it's sad that minni ended up being an organ donor.

  3. Oh, Ronni. I'm so sorry. That so sucks and I'm so glad you weren't hurt any worse.

    I'm gonna miss that car. Road trippin' with you is one of my favorite memories. xoxo

  4. It was fun! I'm going to miss Minni Miata. Hopefully, there will be another...