Monday, December 12, 2011

Jan Marra and a Wonderful Weekend

I haven't trimmed this shot or's just the way it came from the camera.

Jan Marra is awesome.  I met her in a murder forum, which is where I have met a lot of terrific people.  Yeah, you know who you are!  On the forum, she reminded me of Loretta.  She was strong, opinionated; she took no bullshit and no prisoners.  We discussed the Coleman case on several different forums (or is it "fora?"), and finally linked up on Facebook.  To hell with "Jane Truth" and whatever nickname she was using back then--friendship ensued.

A while back, she told me she was playing a gig in Texas, "just outside of Waco," and would I like to drive over and meet?  Wylie turned out to be just outside of Plano, not Waco, but what's an extra hundred miles to someone who drives to Lampasas for lunch?  Of course I was all in favour, but then I got "Christmas Pageant," and arrangements had to be made.  It turned out that I had to be in town for the matinee, but I headed out as soon as I could.  I actually would have been early, if I had got my directions from the right place. 

I walked into a warm welcome.  "Come on in; I'll tell Jan you're here."  "Have some supper."  "Would you like some wine?"  Even the room  was welcoming, panelled as it is in golden wood and decorated with beautiful things.  They call the place "The Arms of Eden," and that's what it felt like.

The music was beautiful; the people, brilliant and creative.  Tom Noe showed me Jupiter and all four of its moons through his 12.5" telescope.  Jupiter looked about the size of the full moon at its zenith.  Even if everything else weren't wonderful, the trip would have been worth it for that, alone.  I had never before met anyone who builds telescopes.

Linda Silas, Tom's wife, is a textile artist, maker of quilts and hats of surpassing beauty.  When I remember the name of her business, I will post a link to her Etsy site (damn CRS).

They hold House Concerts every month, and for $15 the audience gets to hear a warm and intimate concert by a superb and engaging musician, in the comfort of a private home.  It gets no better than that.

I had a joyful time, for which I am very grateful to Jan, Tom and Linda.

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  1. Lovely! Sounds like the arms of Eden indeed! Thanks for posting...TLS