Friday, December 09, 2011


If there's fog anywhere, it will be on McNeil Road. 

If there's fog everywhere, it will be thicker on McNeil Road. 

There's that long, flat stretch of it that runs by the Lime Plant.  This morning it was like driving into a white wall.  It kind of reminded me of that Stephen King story, where the Cthulu-like creatures lurk in a thick fog bank and prey upon the unsuspecting.

So WHY are people out there driving without their headlights on?  It's hard to see headlights, even, let alone cars without them. 

Let me ask you this, all of you who choose to drive without your lights on:  can you not see the headlights of oncoming cars long before you can see the car?  Why do you not realize that holds for the drivers of those cars?  They cannot see you, either.  I can't see you.  Nobody can see you.  I know it's nice to be invisible and all, but it does make it hard on the rest of us.

I think that there ought to be a law that you have to turn your headlights on in fog.

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