Sunday, December 18, 2011

The War on Women, Revisited

Guy walks into a Walmart and stabs his wife to death, in the bank where she works.  The article is very short...mostly indignant about the fact that the 24-hour store didn't close.  That totally supersedes the horror of a woman being stabbed to death by her husband.  I guess spousal murder has become so commonplace and ho-hum that it only gets attention because of the venue.  And this paragraph is now longer than the entire article.

Here's a doozy.  Do people not realize that there are cameras in elevators these days?  The poor woman was going home, laden down with grocery bags.  Whe she went to get off the elevator, this guy was waiting for her.  He sprayed her down with something, and lit her on fire with a sort of Molotov cocktail.  She died.

On a more general note, the embattled governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, had cancelled his state's contract with Planned Parenthood to provide cancer and MS screenings to low-income women.  He maintains that there are other clinics that provide such services, but some counties in Wisconsin have no other providers.  He is so anxious to appease the slavering hordes of anti-choice wingnuts that he is willing to sacrifice women to the cause.  Now there's your "Fucktard of the Year!"

This story is form Bangladesh.  Man just can't stand the thought of his wife getting an education, so he cut off her fingers.  Apparently, he had at least one relative with him at the time, standing by to throw her fingers in the trash.  This is beyond disgusting.

Egypt.  I can't stand to watch more than a few seconds of this video.

OK, that's about all of that I'm up for today.  Just so you know, all these stories are on my Facebook news feed this morning.

Nice, huh?

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