Thursday, July 28, 2011

Comments from Kelly Brumbelow's Sister

I have collected the comments of one of Kelly Brumbelow's sisters from the original entry I wrote about Kelly's murder.  These comments have come in over the course of about a year and a half.  There are comments on the entry from some of Kelly's friends, and a couple from Kelly's older sister.  These are all from her younger sister.  She gets a bit abusive occasionally, but my heart hurts for her.  You can read the entire exchange, including comments from Terrance's wife, some of which are transcribed letters from Terrance.

This is Kellys sister here is my thought on what Mrs.Sampson had to say regardless of weather Terrances is 12 or 33 years old HE IS A MURDERER AND ALWAYS WILL BE IN MY EYES AND IN THE EYES OF THE LORD AND PROTECT YOUR SELF. I HATE HIM FOR WHAT HES DONE TO KELLY AND our FRIENDS AND FAMILY he should rot in hell

I have forgiven him as a person but he can still burn in hell. To me he should be stabbed 97 times just like he did Kelly. Im speaking on my opinion only and feelings. I am by the way Kellys sister but not Dawn.

Ronni, I just want to tell you thank you for writing this. If he is infact married then his wife should be warned about the type of cold blooded killer he is. God will for give people of their sins if they are compleatly and truly sorry for what they have done. He still has the chance to ENJOY life and kelly doesnt. He has the chance to Have children. He gets the chance for happieness and KELLY DOESNT. We dont get to have birthdays with her any more that ended when he stole her life away. I dont care who you are or what you have accomplished in life. you deserve to suffer just like kelly did. She doesnt even get a chance to sleep in a bed or breath air. BUT THE MURDERER does. I dont understand how some one could condone a MURDERER to get married what judge in their right mind would marry a murderer. Well ive said my peice thanks

only thing i have to say about that is horsesh** no one that stabbs someone 97 times is sorry or wants to be forgiven and i know personally GOD is a forgiving and Loving God and for Terrances sake he better hope GOD forgives him. I have to forgive him to live my life or i will be living in fear the rest of my life and i refuse to live in fear. Well all i can say is every one deserves to be happy but MY SISTER CANT BE SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD TERRANCE GET TO no matter if hes been in Jail for 21 years hes still a MURDERER, KILLER, PSYCHOPATHIC HOMISIDAL MANIAC. I WANT TO KNOW WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!! WHAT DID SHE DO TO HIM THAT MADE HIM TAKE IT OUT ON HER WHY MY SISTER SHE HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL LIFE AND HE TOOK IT AWAY WHY?IM Sorry for going off like that but thats why tramma does to you!

 I cant even fantham the thought of him getting out of prison. He seems to think that sence hes spent the last 20 years in prison he will be able to face reality in the "REAL WORLD" give me one reason why I should forgive him. Yes, god says to forgive those who do you wrong but IMO i feel that 21 years in prison is not enough time for the loss of my sister. I can never have her back there for I think and feel that if i was on the jury i would have sentenced him to death or life in prison with out parole regardless or REHABILITATION or Gods forgivness, if you do a crime you should do the f****** time that you deserve and to me 30 years is not Justice. He deserves to stay in prision for LIFE cause he took hers. I DONT CARE IF HES MARRIED he doesnt deserve to be happy.

Im sorry if any thing that i have said on her offended any one but im not sorry because it is my opinion,

I wanted to know if infact this so called "wife" of his is an actual person why did she stop talking to you on here or commenting on here. I think it is very funny. As soon as my sister and i started to comment she disappeared. Well thanks again for placing this blog on here i have less stress now knowing that there were more people than just me taht want to keep this bastard in prison i actually want something else to happen but im not a judge and im not the jury and he should be thankful for that cus if i was on the jury i would have had him put him to death.

Look Im sorry about my post on your other blog but i found it very scary that you would want to go and talk with him, You sit there and sympathise with every one on Kellys behalf but then you are willing to give him the oportunity to explaine why he took my sister away from me and my family. I have spent the last 21 years of my life in a deep and dark depression, scared for my life and my families life thinking this sick bastard is going to come after me when he gets out so take it as you will i will keep on doing what i have to do to keep his ass locked up in prision so that I dont have to live in fear. I hate that no matter what i cant sleep at night because of nightmares of wishing it was me. Kelly had so much going for her, i just want to know why, and if you think going to see him is something you need to do to find closure in your life about this whole situation then who am i to stop you. I hope you find the answers you are looking for but i will keep doing what i have to do to keep him in prison untill his full sentance is carried out which i still do not think is enough time. I personally think they should have put him in there for 1 year for every stab wound found on her body. That would have been justice for me then i could rest easier at night. God Bless you Kellys baby sister

He is a piece of shit that should burn in hell, thats where he is going when he dies, I think he should already be there. Im tired of my tax money keeping him alive, a place to live and food 3 times a day

way to gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well said WOOOOWHOOOO i couldnt have said it better my self THANK YOU SO MUCH TO WHOM EVER SAID THAT I LOVE YOU FOR THAT GOD BLESS YOU dianna michelle brumbelow Kelly Brumbelows little sister im not scared any more bring it ON

Mrs. Sampson I am the victims sister and He is the same killer now as he was then He doesnt deserve to get out for what he has done. He should stay in there. I feel for him and you especially if you are that lonely that you cant find love in the real world and have to find a killer to fall in love with then Thats on you you have no remorse Put your self in my shoes what if it would have been your sister it happened too. YOU HAVE NO HEART!

mrs sampson also just to let you know i have had nightmares of him comming after me and my family and i dont want to live that nighmare so im hoping you keep him far from us.

stand corrected, you act like you know every thing and i was not judging you i was just mearly stating what i see. I honestly dont see how some one that has been in prison for murder can be different, but imo i dont think he should get out i feel he is a murderer and i will do what it takes to see that he stays IN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

 only have one thing to say to that WHO CARES!!!! I just want to tell you that I ran across this blog by accident but I'm sure glad I did because as far as I'm conserned if it has to do with my SISTER I have every freaking right to comment any way I feel I need to, GOD gave me freedom of speach and Im a female he gave me the right to speak my mind. I dont care about your religion that is between you and who ever it is you believe in Ronni. I feel for you I hope you will go to Heaven when you die cause I know I will and I know Kelly will be waiting to meet me there. Thank you for posting this blog but as far as my grammer or puncuation who gives a S***. Thank you. nobody is perfect

well i appoligize I didnt graduate from High School due to my sisters death its had a pretty tramatic time on my life. Believe it or not weather it was 1 year or 21 years i still hurt and grieve for her and my family does too. I have never once seen terance say to the Brumbelow family that he is sorry for what hes done NOT once. Thats all i want to hear then i may or may not change my opinion on his behavior as a killer. In my eyes and in the eyes of my LORD and Savior he is a killer unless he asks for forgiveness and if he does then he will be forgiven cause my God is a forgiving god regardless of how i feel about him IM not the one that can judge him but hes already broken Gods Commandment Thou shalt not commit murder, Sorry if im preaching but like i said my grammer and puncuation shouldnt have anything to do with what i post. My grandmother was an english teacher and I know all about grammer and puncuation and spelling. I just choose not to use it when its on a blog. Thank you

Well thank you ronni for commenting on my defence but as far as my mother is conserned who gives a S*** if she wants to know or not what he said i will give you a email and you can email me the letter of what he said so that I will know for my self. I will not disclose my address because of personal resons. I am an adult and I have the right to know what is being said my monster has kept this part of my life blocked on purpose cause she didnt want to deal with it.I do feel that he is remorseful but because she was my sister I need justice and I dont think 30 years was enough Im sorry. Regardless of how remorsful he is. As far as my education I chose not to go through highschool because the kids made fun of me when i had to be absent from school for two weeks for kellys funeral. I got all the way to 10th grade when i dropped out but my life is nothing compared to yours, mrs sampson your the one that married a murderer. Ive known terrance for 25 years how ever long my mom and family lived next to him on wroxton in round rock so dont pretend to think that just because you are married to him and have known him for the past 9 years that you know him better than me I wasnt there when he took her life but if i would have been then my sister would still be here cause she wouldnt have been stupid enough to go to his house ALONE!! i just want to know WHY HE DID IT WHY why kelly she had so much going for her WHY HER can you at least ask him that but do not disclose my name please. Thank you and im sorry if i upset any one as far as ronni, Im sorry about your husband.It will get better in time My life has gotten better the more i talk about it the easier it is.

Please let mrs sampson know that i would like to read that letter that her husband had written to my mother. I would like to know for my self if he is truly sorry more than likely it wont change my mind but its worth a shot. I will not allow the devil to get ahold of me but i am a forgiving person and i have forgave him for his actions so that i could move on with my life. please email me at the email address that i gave you thank you so much

Well with all Do respect ronni i would like to say something to mrs. sampson. Please do not take it the wrong way. IMO i feel that you can do alot better than being with a murderer such as terrance, yes he may be changed but do i believe he is NO. I have been through nearly 23 years with out my big sister. Who cares if he makes you happy GIRL HES A MURDERER what if it was your sister put your self in my shoes. I hope and Pray that you will open your eyes and realize you can do a hell of alot better cus some people never change and if it wasnt for MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER being in that bastards house at the wrong time id still be with her today. I have for gave him for him as a person so i could move on with my life but his actions are whats gonna cause him to go to hell and I hope im in heaven already b4 he dies so that when he is rejected I can laugh my ass off and say i hope your not to may think im cold hearted for saying this but again look at what ive spent the last 23 years of my life dealing with. I have to live in fear because of him how would you like some one to do that to your family. Im just sayin. any way i hope and pray in your life GOD WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THE MONSTER HE IS, and another word of advice get a gun. JUST SAYIN......:-)
have a nice day.

The letter is addressed to my family why cant I this whole BLOG IS A CROCK OF SHIT IF YOU ASK ME. WHY even post it if Kellys fmly cant even speak their minds in it. Im not affraid to anouce that he has a letter that he has written to MY MOTHER and the jury has not been able to read cus hes to much a p**** to give it to them to read. This could help him or hurt him but why tell me not to MENTION A LETTER no one knows what im talking about. Where in my statement did i mention a letter any way

and another thing IM allowed to defend my sister and any member of my family as long as Im alive so help me GOD i will live my rights to the fullest he shouldnt be alowed to get a degree he shouldnt even bealowed to breath. IMO i think he should be groaped by BUBBA and stabbed just like he did my sister but thats mearly an opinion


  1. your worst nightmare7:20 pm, November 28, 2011

    you shouldnt be aloud to bad mouth kellys family no matter how she made you feel SHE IS THE VICTIM not terrance.

  2. I am saddened by the whole experience. I don't think keeping this man locked for the rest of his life is the right thing to do. He has to live everyday with the guilt, shame, and remorse of taking that little girl's life. I know that he is sorry for what he has done, and also would like the opportunity to apologize to Kelly's mother and sisters.

  3. He is not going to be locked up for the rest of his life. His sentence is up in 2019.

  4. He will always be labeled a murderer, Marriage is tough, & I doubt he will be able to handle it unless his Wife is a Saint, he will eventually lose it again, I mean he couldn't handle life at 12..True Statement. He was already a psychopath, he has been inprisoned, THAT makes people crazy plus the way the world is today with drugs and all the pressures in life, please & even if he is on medication, the meds make people do stupid things too so its a lose lose situation for him and his family. Yes unless he is a Full Servant of God, he will have struggles.!!

  5. I hope they have gotten divorced by now and she has came to her senses but then again some people are just BLINDED by stupidity. just saying.

    1. They actually have divorced, and Terrence is well on his way to becoming a productive member of society.