Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sleeping With Cats

I gave up allowing cats in my room a while back, as they all seemed to think that my bedtime was their playtime, and that was counterproductive to sleep.  However, last night, I fell asleep in the recliner, and was thus considered fair game.

There was a cat on either side of my head.  I was in no danger of getting cold.  It wasn't so bad until one or both of them decided it was time for a leisurely night at the salon.  They wiggled, twitched, washed, combed and generally snargelled.  Any attempts to dislodge them were futile.

Cat #3 decided it was lap time and grooming time, so, as well as the two that were wrapped around my head, there was one curled up on my stomach, snargelling along with her brother and sis.

Why is it that they never want to do that in the winter, when it would be appreciated?  No.  Then, they are curled up in front of the space heaters, soaking up all that radiant heat.  In summer, they curl up around my head, emitting radiant heat. 

Go figure.

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