Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Hint About Pedophilia

I have never understood how a person could do something he knows to be wrong; that he knows to be harmful to a child.  How can one justify that?

A while ago, on Dr Phil, they had a pedophile who had groped his six-year-old granddaughter.  When asked why, he said that he had not been so excited since he was in junior high school and had just discovered girls. 

I thought about that for a while (after I got over the nausea), and I would like you to do the same.  Think back to that first hormonal discovery of the opposite sex.  Wasn't it awesome?  Didn't you spend all your time thinking about it?  Wondering about it?  Planning for it?  Wasn't it pretty much all you thought about?

How easy would it have been to shut that down?  How loudly would your conscience have yelled, "No, no...this is wrong!  Wrong, I tell you!"  With or without a catholic school education, the guilt would set in after the fact, not before.

When you apply those memories to pedophilia, making the comparison that this so-called grandfather did, you can see why these guys offend over and over. If groping little girls is as exciting as one's first feelings about sex, there is no curing these individuals.  I think that person gave us a valuable clue.  Depressing...but valuable, nevertheless.


  1. Biologically, he is the child's grandgather, but acted in a far from "grandfatherly" manner.