Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Jason Young is on trial for the brutal murder of his pregnant wife, Michelle.  He is on trial for only one count of murder, because Laci's Law has not made it to North Carolina, yet.  The death penalty is not being sought. 

Michelle loved ladybugs, and there have been several memorial events over the years since her death, one of which was actually called The Ladybug Liftoff.  At that party, thousands of live ladybugs were released, people wore ladybug costumes (provided by yours truly), and played ladybug games.  Michelle loved ladybugs.

We have waited for this trial for years, many of us commemorating Michelle in our own ways.  I wore a pair of ladybug earrings, until I lost one, and a ladybug bracelet, until it broke.  I am hard on jewlery.  Several of us made ladybug Christmas ornaments and gave them away at a Christmas event in Raleigh, NC.  I stuck ladybug stickers all over the interior of my little red car.

Today, my friend Debbie told me, "I know you like ladybugs, and when I saw this, I thought of you."  I opened the box, and inside was a pair of ladybug earrings and a ladybug pendant on a silver chain.  Debbie didn't know the reason I have worn so many ladybugs over he past few years.  She does not follow murders the way I do.

Coincidence?  Of course, but such a nice one...thanks, Debbie!

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  1. A lovely coincidence for sure. Enjoy following your thoughts on the Young murder. Could not be happier that it's finally at trial. Thanks for all you've done to support Michelles family.