Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here We Go Again

I have had to disable anonymous comments.  Again.  My original post about Kelly Brumbelow has generated a ton of comments over the years, and there has been a recent flurry of activity, much of which I have had to delete due to its hateful and probably libelous nature.

So, Dearly Beloved, you are once again going to have to sign in.  This time, I am accepting OpenID, and not just Google accounts, so set yourselves up one or the other, and make the password something simple that you can remember.  It doesn't have to secure Fort Knox.

There are still a lot of people hurting over Kelly's murder.  I know such pain never really goes away, but counselling might help.  Or medication.  Or both.  However, my blog is not the place to express hatred of Terrance Sampson, his wife, or his wife's relatives.  Maybe Terrance has turned his life around, and maybe he can become a productive citizen.  I am not qualified to judge that.  However, his wife and her family have not done anything to anyone who reads here, and had nothing to do with Kelly's murder, so I will appreciate an end to the...stuff...being spewed by the late-night anonymous commenter.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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