Saturday, May 07, 2011

Two Birds

Thursday was a red letter day in the annals of murder-watching. 

Two individuals who thought it might be a good idea to off their wives/children were convicted by juries of their peers. Two of them.  On the same day.  Woot!

Brad Cooper, who killed his wife and left her body in an undeveloped subdivision where she used to jog, was the first to go.  The other, Christopher Coleman...there really are no words for a man who could kill his nice wife and two little boys (9 and 11), in order to have a life with a dog track waitress.

It's a shame there seems to be no way to stop these killers before they become killers.  Often, their wives never really know there's a serious problem, until they are killed.  At times, of course, there has been long-term abuse, and the wife is on the verge of leaving when she is killed.  Nancy Cooper was wanting out.  With two children, and Himself being an engineer and all, this was looking to be expensive, so Brad took what he thought was the easy way.  I haven't followed this one as closely as others, but I don't think he planned it.  They probably had a fight that got out of hand...and now he's off to prison.  He has not been sentenced yet, and neither has Coleman.  Coleman, the son of one preacher and employee of another, planned the crime from the first time he "dated*" the dog-track woman.  There were six months of fake email threats that led up to a night when he killed his family, one by one, with a ligature.  His wife refused to give him a divorce.

So, ladies...this is a gross oversimplification, but honestly...if he wants out, let him go.  He's going to go anyway, and, if he happens to be a psychopath, you could end up dead.  And your kids, as well.  If you need to leave, you need to leave, without any discussion.  If you are planning to leave, stash money with a trusted friend and don't breathe a hint of it to your husband.

Susan Murphy Milano has written a book titled, "Time's Up," which details your escape plan. Worth the investment.

Anyway, two of them are off the streets, hopefully permanently.

*We know what that means, right?

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