Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wow! Just...Wow!

Ramona went to get the mail today, and came back with something for me!  I've never received mail at work.  But that wasn't the strangest part.  The item was a baggie, containing pieces of an envelope and its contents.  There was a long apology printed on the baggie...apparently the Post Office cares when they trash our mail...they say so, right there on the baggie.

In any case, the baggie contained parts of a card, welcoming my new grandson, and most of a cheque to get Ethan and Eli a prezzie.  It came from a person who reads my rants.

The important parts of the cheque are here, so I think it will go through.  I will try on Monday.

So, Appreciative Reader, thank you so much for your thoughtful gesture.  I am pleased to report that the US Mail does, indeed, care.  It is so nice, and somewhat humbling, to know that there are people who do, too.

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