Monday, March 14, 2011

Steely Mags--Act II Scene i

Truvy in her blue
Clairee...I love this outfit.  Very Bea Arthur.
The green top was originally a dress, and I saw Cathie's eyes light up when she saw it, but the skirt didn't fit her in a flattering way, so I cut it off, and she wore it with the black skirt she had on in the next scene--the gathering before Shelby's funeral.  It was another quick change.
Annelle has developed a personal style.  This is another of Chandra's vintage T-shirts.  Annelle is wearing boots because she needed to have her black tights on in preparation for the quick change.  Boots looked better than tights.
"I am an old Southern woman.  We are supposed to wear funny hats and ugly old dresses and grow vegetables in the dirt.  Don't ask me why.  I don't make the rules."  Of course, I forgot my hat.
This was everyone's favourite costume.  Jacket courtesy of Kaye.

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