Monday, March 14, 2011

More from Steely Mags--Act I Scene ii

M'Lynn is wearing her smock.  I made smocks for each of the customers at the salon, in fabric individually chosen for each character.  I am sorry M'Lynn is the only one whose costume shot includes the smock, but there are show shots that include them.  Note the awful poinsettia earrings...
Some of you will recognize this vest.  It's plain black in the front, and the back is covered with labels ganked out of clothing over many years.  Someday, I may be thin enough to wear it again (yeah, right).
Here, Annelle has adopted Truvy's personal style.  Don't you love the red heels?
Clairee--classy, as always.
Truvy, in her Units skirt and the Christmas vest that Brendan gave me lo these many years ago.
Ouiser in her "Bah, humbug" shirt, courtesy of Ms Peggy Schott.

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