Monday, March 14, 2011

Costumes from Steely Mags--Act I Scene i

Ouiser.  The camo was not my idea.  The director was very "hands on" about the costumes.
Truvy, of course.  For late 80s, leggings and a long shirt seems so appropriate.  The actress has a friend who made the shirt for her.

Shelby.  I have not received as much grief over a costume since Richard Dodwell refused to wear dance shoes in "Romeo and Juliet!"  Both Shelbies hated it...mostly because of the quick change, but partly because the shape of 80s pants feels really strange to modern wearers.  For a start, there's no spandex in them.  Add that to the fact that they are quite short compared with modern pants, and the waistline is high.
M'Lynn looks rather bland in this scene, but I wanted her to be "everywoman."
Clairee, in her shoes "too cha-cha for words."  The 2-piece dress came from the actress's own wardrobe.
Annelle really was "a Pepper!"  That T-shirt is vintage, and owned by Chandra, and her pants were worn my Chandra, Vanessa and myself, back in the day.

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