Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Son-in-Law is an Irresponsible Jerk

Remember Michael Blevins?  Husband to my younger daughter...father of my younger grandson?  You know...the one who walked out on his family last Thanksgiving.  Packed up his Play Station and a suitcase and moved in with his mother.

The baby is due next month.  The divorce can't be finalized until after that, so Mike has not yet filed, which means that he pays his child support directly to Vanessa, rather than having it garnisheed from his paycheck.  Do they do that with Unemployment checks (inquiring minds want to know)?  He seems to pay it when he damn well pleases, rather than on any certain date.  Vanessa had a chance to move into a low-income apartment, but had to be able to guarantee that she had twice as much income as rent.  When the child support doesn't come in at a regular time, it's not possible to do that. 

After the baby is born Vanessa will not get her Unemployment for two months, due to the fact that she will not be able to take a job, should one present itself.  One might think the man night be concerned about his kids, and want to support them...but wait!  This is Michael Blevins we are talking about here.

Vanessa managed to put together a changing table and a set of shelves for Ethan's toys.  There has been no sign of Michael to help put together the crib or move the recliner into the bedroom.  It is not going to be easy for Vanessa with a 4-year-old, a new baby, a C-section, fibromyalgia and a house going into foreclosure. 

It wouldn't kill him to get his lazy unemployed ass over there and move the chair, assemble the crib, fix the faucet in the hall bathroom and generally behave like a man instead of a mama's boy.  It wouldn't kill him to pay child support on a regular schedule...before he takes Celeste out to dinner. 

I am fed up.


  1. Wow, what a schmuck; I admire your restraint. If I were his MIL I'd shred his selfish ass and constantly harp on his mother. Is his mother another narcissist or does she have even an iota of common sense?

    -- Robin

  2. Hope he gets to read that Ronni.

  3. Nelly, if he ever googles his name he will. I unfriended him on facebook, so he won't see it there...

    Robin, his mother seems to think whatever he does is OK. V says she never even speaks to her when V is there dropping off Ethan.

  4. There's also an actor named Michael Blevins. That might cloud the Google results. But seriously, why can't stupid and selfish be illegal?

  5. Maybe I should get his middle name from V and post it...that might narrow down the results...