Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is There Something in the Water?

Another rude person!  Actually, This is a rude person who has been rude before. 

This guy has a daughter at one of the local high schools.  The very first show she was in, he came to pick up her costume and was highly indignant about having to leave a deposit.  Once convinced that he needed to, he refused so sign the deposit (which is a slide of his card on one of those old-fashioned things, and not a hold on his account, etc.).  Ramona talked him around, but there was a lot of fussing in between.  Including his saying, "Well, how do I know you're not just going to cash this and run off," which was as much as accusing her of being a thief, in my book.  Of course, the shop was full of other parents and teens picking up their costumes at the time.

The second show Daddy's Girl did, there were no problems.

Today he was back.  His daughter's costume was due back three weeks ago.  He brought it in, and it hadn't even been cleaned!  It reeked of sweat.  He had some cock-and-bull story about his daughter having told him that they were waiting for the teacher to tell them if they needed an extension, as they were trying to take the show to a convention.  Of course, that's not true, as his daughter was the only one who had not returned, out of a large cast.  And the teacher told Ramona weeks ago that the show did not get picked for the convention.  He doesn't realize that the teachers talk to us.  Ramona told him the costume was three weeks late, and that it was the only one that hadn't been returned.  He told me, after she walked away, that he didn't appreciate getting attitude when he walked into the shop.

Dearly Beloved, I kept my lip zipped.  I SO wanted to remind him about the attitude he laid on us a couple of shows ago.  I SO wanted to say, "Your daughter has done three shows now; you should know the costumes need to be cleaned before you return them.  But, I didn't.  I just charged him the cleaning fee and let him go.

What an unpleasant person!


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