Friday, November 19, 2010

Death and the Maiden

"Death and the Maiden" is a taut little script by Ariel Dorfman.  Set in a season when Democracy returns, after a Time of Tyranny, a woman who was tortured and raped gets her hands on the man who orchestrated her ordeal...fifteen years later.  In Gary Elmore's production for the Arts Project of Austin, she is a whole lot nicer to him than I would be.  She's a whole lot nicer to her husband than I would be, too, considering what he was up to while she was being tortured.  I can't really get into the plot without spoiling it, so I shall say no more.

This is a very spare production; from the set to the acting to the lights, minimalist is the word of the day.  Mr Dorfman's script is all that is really needed.  The story.  Stripped to its bare bones, the story is the star.  The director and the actors step back and let the story have the limelight.  The rich Schubert music that frames the play is the perfect counterpoint, in a "Clockwork Orange" sort of way. 

This play has just joined (and leapt to the top of) my Director's Bucket List.

If you can, go and see it, and tell me how you like it.  There are three more shows--tomorrow night at 7:00, and two on Saturday, at 2:30 and 7:00.

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