Monday, November 15, 2010

In Which The Author Eats Crow

I've occasionally written about shows...not reviews, exactly...more just my opinions of performances I've seen.

I found out on Saturday that I need to be a lot more careful about what I write. I found out that one such opinion hurt the person I wrote about.   Someone was hurt by a phrase I carelessly tossed out onto the internet.  I had forgotten that words, on the internet and in people's hearts, last a long time.

So I got to thinking...just who the hell do I think I think I am? I have no qualifications to "judge" somebody's talent, skill, art, craft, or anything else.  I should have learned, back in the Great Blog War of 2006 (or whenever it was), that words can have unintended, hurtful consequences.  When am I going to learn what my mother tried to teach me all those years ago?

I have amended the post in question, and will, in future, remember that I am not a critic...and try to be a better friend.

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