Friday, October 15, 2010

Rick the Dick

Most of us, here in Texas, know well the "Good Old Boy" system of politics. A quick exploration through the portraits of former governors in the Capitol will refresh our memories, should we ever forget.

Rick Perry served as Lieutenant Governor during the years George Bush led Texas. He was pretty much a shoo-in when George headed to Washington, and he has been there ever since. At some point, some idiot threw a bomb into the Governor's Mansion, and Tricky Ricky has been living high on the hog (I mean the taxpayer dollar) ever since.

This is the guy who decided to mandate that all girls should have a vaccination that might or might not prevent a percentage of cervical cancers. He did give parents an option out, but the whole scheme was knocked down by the courts before it got off the ground. He also suggested that secession might be a viable alternative to allowing Big Government into Texas. He has been the among the first to challenge Health Care Reform in the courts.

He turned down stimulus funds, saying that Texans are doing very well on their own, thank you very much. Keep Big Government Out of Texas.

I'm not sure how many houses in Round Rock were damaged in the recent flooding, but some of them are my neighbours. Lake Creek is about three blocks from my house. I feel for those people, I do. I also feel for those in the nasty rent houses along Brushy Creek, but not so much for the wealthy owner of those substandard units. Rick Perry is standing up for them all, though. FEMA rejected the state's request for aid, and Mr Perry is appealing that decision.

In my opinion, FEMA funds are (or should be) for huge disasters, such as that caused by Hurricane Katrina, not for a situation where a few creeks flooded a relatively small number of homes. No city services were interrupted. No bridges washed out. One school was closed for one day.

So what happened to keeping the federal government out of Texas? The Governor rejected stimulus funds for unemployment, but now he wants federal money to help a handful of homeowners over a trying time.

Bill White for Governor!

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  1. and Rick the Dick is STILL running TV ads showing him in the barbershop that doesn't cut his helmet hair and the owners said they did not give him permission to film there nor do they endorse him! Same with that place where he is placing an "Open" sign on a business door in downtown Austin... owners did not give approval for the filming and DO NOT ENDORSE Perry!