Monday, July 19, 2010

Janet Abaroa Exhumation Today

ABC News has a brief article stating that today is the day they are exhuming the remains of Janet Abaroa. Even as I write this, as a matter of fact.

I hope we shall soon have news about what they find.

Remember they are looking for several things, including whether she had removed her contact lenses.

From an earlier article:

Court documents say prosecutors want access to Janet's remains for four reasons. They want fingerprints, casts of her hands, marks made on her skeleton by the murder weapon, and they want to know if there are contact lenses in her eyes.

Janet's family has said she always took the lenses out before she went to bed. Raven allegedly told investigators Janet was in bed before she left the house.

Prosecutors say no fingerprints were taken from Janet at her autopsy, so they can't compare them with fingerprints taken from the crime scene

Something of an oversight at the time, and typical of the lack of concern a lot of police departments show when dealing with the death of a woman. It's hard to believe that fingerprints, skeletal marks and casts of her hands were not taken at the time of the autopsy. There was an autopsy, right? Shouldn't these things be SOP? And the contacts, too, though I have to admit that checking them would not have occurred to me, as a lay person. But should be SOP, right? Poor Janet! I hope justice can be served for her and her unborn baby.

ETA: WRAL has an article with a little more information.

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