Monday, May 31, 2010

More Noise About Susan Powell

The article is from the Seattle Examiner, via the Ft Worth Examiner, and the link was huge.

Joshua Powell's father is not doing his son any favours by suggesting that Susan is off "having a fling." There is, of course, no evidence that she is or was ever doing such a thing.

There are a lot of people who will testify that there were problems in the marriage, and that Joshua was very controlling. As I have said before, his writings about her on the site he created,, are somewhat incriminating to those readers with a discerning eye.

Now, his father has spoken out.

In the Jun 7 issue of PEOPLE magazine, Steven Powell...Susan’s father-in-law, suggested Susan Cox Powell, the 28-year-old missing West Valley City mom, may have left for a fling and inferred she may have needed a break and that’s possibly why she left. He wonders why police haven’t looked at other suspects.
Why, I wonder, would anyone need other suspects if she has merely taken off to spend time a) with a lover, or b) on her own? I suspect that Steven Powell doesn't really believe his own bullshit. In one sentence, he "hopes she, his son, and their two kids will land on their feet," and in another, he wants police to look for other suspects.

He knows damn well that she is dead, and he knows that Joshua did it. He probably thinks Joshua was justified...after all, if Susan would not allow herself to be controlled by her husband, if she was planning to leave, of course he just did what he had to do to keep his sons, right?

It was reported long ago that Steven Powell had left the church in which he raised his children, and was encouraging Joshua to do the same thing. On that issue, it has also been reported that Joshua tried to drive a wedge between Susan and their children, offering the boys the choice to stay home from church and eat cake.

It was also reported that Susan left a diary at work, recounting incidents of controlling behaviour and abuse on the part of her husband. The contents of that journal have not been released, and, of course, the police are not at liberty to do so.

The forensic report on the wet spot on the living room carpet (the one that had two fans blowing on it when police first entered the home) has not been made public, either. I think it may be safe to assume that, if anything incriminating was found, Joshua Powell would have been arrested.

There is a search planned for next month. It's pretty clear to me that they will be looking for Susan's remains. I hope they are found, and that there is evidence to charge the unofficial (only) suspect with her murder.

He did pack up and move back to Daddy less than a month after she disappeared...the same Daddy that Susan did not like to have around her sons.

For some reason, this case really bugs me.