Monday, March 08, 2010

Susan Powell Dot Org

Here is a fairly recent addition to the discussion on the case of missing Susan Powell, of West Valley UT.

This site is hosted by a company out of Phoenix AZ that hosts websites for people who wish to remain anonymous. From the content, I suspect that Susan's elusive husband, Josh Powell may be responsible. Please note that this is my opinion only, and that there is no information available about the owner of the site.

However, the home page shows a photo of the family, crouched in the snow, with flames in the lower right corner. Supposedly, the picture shows the family camping in the snow, at support of Josh's allegation that they frequently had such adventures. Friends and family have stated that the Powells had been camping (as a foursome) only a few times, period, let alone in Winter. I suspect photoshop.

The site claims to be the "official" source for information, not about the case or the investigation, but about Susan herself. The author promises pictures, but there are a total of six pictures on the entire site, and only four of them are of Susan.

The site also requests prayers and "any other support you would like to offer."

Moving on to the page entitled simply "Susan Powell," we find that
Susan has many hobbies and interests such as singing, gardening, and socializing with friends. She also loves to paint, draw, and color. She most prefers to create colorful landscape drawings and paintings. She loves to cut, color, and perm people's hair. She is very artistic, so the technical process of doing hair is satisfying to her. She is more interested in the social aspects of doing hair though.

Some of the statements about Susan seem to be veiled criticism, such as this:
Her favorite hobby is to socialize with friends. She holds nothing back when socializing with friends. You could say she wears her heart on her sleeve.
Translation: she spilled the family dirty laundry to anyone who would listen. Further translation: she really wanted others to know that things were not going well in her marriage and probably said things about Josh that he didn't want people to know.

Did you notice that Susan "also loves to paint, draw and color." Do you suppose this was something she enjoyed doing with her sons? This statement makes her sound sort of childish, doesn't it?

I don't know about you, but I would never list "socializing with friends" as a hobby. Socializing is a part of most of our lives, and a given, not like macramé or birding or community theater. So, I sense more veiled criticism in that statement.

The "Susan Hairstylist" page reads oddly, too. "Most of her creative energy has been shared through her hobby and unofficial home based business." She was styling hair while unlicensed in the state of Utah. "Unofficial business..." I wonder if the income from that was what Susan was stashing away as a getaway fund. Friends have stated that Josh found out she was stashing money and was very upset. In her shoes, I would have been telling him, "Yeah, I gave so-and-so a perm and bought groceries with the money," while not saying that I also gave someone else a perm...and then stashing the money from the second one. Moving down the page, this statement jumped out at me: "Susan never held back when it came to purchases at the beauty supply." Doesn't that sound as if the writer thought she spent too much at the beauty supply store? Of course, the narrative hastens to say,
Of course, Josh has always been happy to support Susan's efforts in any way he could. Josh suggested that she turn it into a real business and he offered to teach her accounting basics. Josh is a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor and has a degree in Business Administration.
Please note that Josh did not offer to do her accounting--just to show her how. That is not supporting "Susan's efforts in any way he could." I'm pretty sure her course of study in WA would have included accounting, as it pertains to running a salon. It is this statement, among others, that convinces me that Josh is the author of the site.

The next couple of paragraphs are interesting:
Josh and Susan had been making plans to open a home based salon for Susan. They were going to cut an exterior door for an entrance into the basement. They started the project several years ago, when they obtained a building permit.

During most of 2009, Josh was working on construction projects around the home and with the children. Josh planned to continue working until Susan's salon and the basement were finished. Susan already had her stylist's chair. And as an expert woodworker, Josh was also working with Susan on plans to build a classy styling station for Susan - a station complete with lights, plumbing, and all the features a cosmotologist would want.

Most of these plans have been put on hold for the time being.

"Cosmotologist?" What's that? An expert on Cosmopolitan magazine? Yeah, well...what right has anyone to expect a man with a degree in Business Administration to be able to correctly spell his wife's field of endeavor?

As well as an expert in accounting software, we now learn that Josh is "an expert woodworker." Too bad he couldn't put that skill to work in his spare time to earn some money so that the family would not have had to declare bankruptcy.

Then we come to the kicker: "Most of these plans have been put on hold for the time being."

Yes...yes they have. Josh has rented out the house and scurried home to live with his father in a gated community in Puyallup, WA.

Next, at Susan Powell dot org, we find a page about Josh. Here's a paragraph:
Josh is a loving father and husband. He likes to take his wife out to dinner or watch movies with her. He regularly does activities with his beautiful wife and with his entire family. Josh is totally committed to his wife and children, continually finding new and engaging activities to do with them.
"New and engaging activities" such as taking the little boys camping after midnight. In December. In Utah. In the desert. In the snow. To make s'mores. Right. And who "does activities?" One takes part in activities; participates in activities, enjoys activities--the choice of words here makes the statement sound insincere.

The author closes the page by saying:
God knows and loves each person and knows the intents of their hearts. For those who are filled with the holy spirit, please remember to include everyone in your prayers.
The first sentence seems to be saying, "you don't know Josh, but God does, and God knows his heart is in the right place." The second is just mind-boggling, to me. Just what does "filled with the holy spirit" mean? Is that like being in a "state of grace?" It sounds like the writer only requests prayers from those who are worthy...most families of the lost and missing want everyone's prayers...not just those from folks who are "filled with the holy spirit."

All in all, this site seems to be written (badly) by Josh Powell.

There is no mention of the fact that Josh controlled all the money and was very specific about what Susan was "allowed" to purchase, even at the grocery store. No mention of the fact that Susan rode a bike to her day job at Wells Fargo. No mention of the fact that Josh was pulling away from the church where the couple had met and that was still a huge part of Susan's life.

That which was left out also makes a statement.


  1. Gah! I have to agree with you. I think it was started by him too.

  2. He's another of these self-serving pigs.

  3. God, this is weird stuff! I'd say you nailed it perfectly: this site glorifies and idealizes the husband and makes Susan look like a ninny. It's not even subtle. Narcissism will out.

  4. After writing this, I found some mention at InSessions that the sitw was written by Josh.

  5. Creepy to read, I agree with your comments. No doubt he's probably schmoozing up some dame in the gated community, too. Lots of pickings there. Maybe that whole "spirit" thing is because he's found a new angle to play.

    Ronni, did you watch that Rodney Alcala Dating Game segment?

  6. I've seen clips of it on TV, but have trouble watching videos on this computer. I loathe shows like that, and never watched them when they were new.

    About Josh: the latest rumour (backed by a news story) mentioned at InSessions is that he was seen in a strip club 20 minutes from his house within hours of returning from his camping trip to find police at his house. Of course, the video at the club was not working, so all they have is eyewitness reports.

  7. I find that rumor hard to believe. He had his kids with him. He would have to be super extra special stupid. But then, I guess he kind of is huh?

  8. No reason why he couldn't have parked the kids with his sister or someone, and told them he was going to look for Susan. I have to agree it would be a stupid thing to do, but then, so is taking your preschoolers camping at midnight in the snow.

  9. HI Ronni: I am catching up on your blog and found this entry exceptionally interesting.

    In addition to your comments--you did not list any comments that he made about missing her, wondering where she is and publicly asking her to contact him and the boys.

    Do you think that this blog was written by someone who was madly in love or in a loving relationship with Susan? Seemed so distant and impersonal.

    I did not sign on to the site--your blog was enough to make me avoid it!!


  10. You don't have to sign onto anything...just go and look.

    He did pay her a lot of compliments, but, no, there was no plea for her to call, or come home.

    He KNOWS that ain't going to happen!

  11. I want to know who took that photo that joshie woshie has on the front page of with those phoney flames that have no shadow from the light of the flame....

    who was there to take that convenient to have had already planned his alibi...

    are you telling me that on volacano day that he would let his rambunctious kids so close to that ledge...he does a really good job of masking those faces and i am going to state that it was superimposed onto the mount st helens photo...he cut the image off at the feet where shadows would have been...why josh... no shadows to prove it is real...

    who took that photo...???????

    joshie woshie..wishie woshie..

  12. Devaughan, I don't think the photo is supposed to be of THAT particular campout. I think it is to indicate that they actually did go camping occasionally. I thought the photo was faked, too, but apparently it has been analyzed and found to be real.

    However, all that aside, the man is guilty as hell.

  13. Why give him more of a chance to be noticed, mention his web site, fine, but don't like directly to his page.. more hits for him..

  14. I think people should see the stuff he is spewing. It's not as if he has google ads or something, where he makes money the more hits he gets. People should see this stuff and form their own opinions about Josh Powell.

  15. susan powell left her family for mexican beaches and nude sun tanning. Susan powell return to the united states to finish the job and blew up joshuas house BOOM!

  16. So very sad. He killed them. He killed them all. No jokes, nothing funny. 2 murdered babies. Her body is still missing.