Saturday, March 20, 2010

March in Central Texas

Spring has definitely been in the air, recently. Trees sprouting forth with leaves, blossoms and whatnot. Daffodils, carefully planted weeks ago, have burst forth in all their golden glory. Birds are warbling love songs outside my windows. And now, this. I was awakened this morning by a clap of thunder and torrential rain. After a blustery day, the thermometer now reads 36°. I had to turn the heat back on. I was wearing a scarf today,

I was out shopping...trying to find plastic turnips and radishes. No luck, so far. I feel all windblown and tired.

And cold. Yes, I'm complaining, and in a few months when I am complaining about the heat, you may remind me of this day.


  1. This winter has been WEIRD! Almost nothing until January in the Northeast, then storm storm storm. Breaking records with winter snowfalls. The end of February, we had a Snowacane, Blizzathon? Whatev. Right beginning in March we are having June weather. (without the humidity thank god, but the allergies are way up)

  2. EL NINYO! We get the good end of that deal and you get the bad. Houston Susan is freezing her bunnzzawf and sez that this has been the coldest winter in H-town since 1826 or somewhat. She also added that the windz are 100mph. I know she exagerates, but I believe her. When I flew to H to spend a month for her recovery from a terrible thumb joint replacement sturgeonary I had not even taken a coat. It was around Thanksgiving 4 years ago or 3. The gas heating had not been activated . On the T-gibbon night, we slept together in a double bed, fully clothed, I in my uggs, Her great dane between us and her meager supply of blankets and her fur coat on top of us. I had to go to tarschjay to buy some fleece clothing and ordered some sweaters from jjill. I couldn't evenah beleeb it. Eventually her son came over and climbed up into the attic and activated the heat. She had a small fireplace and we burned buttloads of wood which did nothing for the bedrooms. I found a portable heater at the Walgreens and installed it in my room. Texas houses are not insulated for extreme cold. Allergies are way up here too, right inside of my nose hoses. Carry on, sneezin for ya'll and try to stay warm. We have had glorious weather! Shame on me for saying so. I sit outside with Alpha in my bathing suit in the sun and sometimes have to raise the umbreller when my back is frying to redhot. I just joined google so I could post. I have insomnia and bid ya'll adieu. xxoomoi

  3. Holding a good thought for your continued warmth, health, and a most excellent production of WFG!

  4. Thangyewberrymudge!

    Actors are sweating, but I remain calm and optimistic...