Thursday, March 18, 2010

Panic Time!

My mind is running around like the proverbial headless chicken. Rehearsal was cancelled last night. Pozzo is out of town, so it was scheduled to be a Didi and Gogo working rehearsal. When Didi had to work late and then run around trying to get his new used car running, there didn't seem to be any point, so I cancelled.

Instead, Leila and I put the new benches together (thanks, Kaye) and hung the clocks.

Things yet to do:

~get flooring and put it in
~make Tree's costume
~size Gogo's and Didi's pants
~figure out the string trick (for Gogo's belt)
~get lights done
~make carpet bag
~get and start using food props
~put up masking flats
~repair side stage curtain because some idiot cut 18" off the bottom
~have nervous breakdown

...and probably a whole lot more that is not currently buzzing around in my head and preventing sleep.

That doesn't even count the skunk smell in the Annex.

We have an invited audience a week from tonight.

Mother of Heaven, give me strength!

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