Sunday, March 21, 2010


It may not be all we need, or all we want, but we have achieved Health Care Reform!

In spite of the tea parties, and the lies, and Joe Leiberman and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and all the other screeching, shouting, insulting paid supporters of the insurance industry, the Bill has passed. In spite of "Kill the Bill," and "Death Panels," this country has made a giant leap out of the 19th Century and into the 21st.

"We are still a people capable of big things."

Now, let's go and make it work!


  1. Keep the faith babydoll! The best is yet to come.xxoomoi

  2. Best post I've read on the passage of the healthcare bill so far...simple, realistic, optimistic, fired up. Thanks!

  3. I'll leave the analysis to those who have the expertise to do so. I'm cautiously chuffed!