Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not Much News About Susan

Surprise, surprise! The place where Scott (I mean Josh) says he was camping and cooking s'mores for his two- and four-year-old sons in the middle of the night received a heavy snowfall, making it impossible to see if he was there or not. One of the people leaving a comment on the news story states that he went in a mini-van, rather than an RV or a four-wheeler, so I'm guessing "not."

I SO want to hear if he had a girlfriend on the side...if there were money troubles...if there was an insurance policy...or if she was pregnant. I expect the police have been investigating his cell phone records (which might explain why he didn't call in to work on Monday), his computer, his shopping card(s). He had to buy gas somewhere...

Here's a link to a Google map, showing West Valley, their hometown, and Simpson Springs Campground. Of course, I have no idea if he says he was camping at the actual campground.,-112.7885762

My hinkey-meter is going off the charts!


  1. According to the guy on the interview in that link I posted, she wanted out of the marriage and was pretty open about it. They were apparently in some sort of therapy and she had certain goals she wanted Josh to reach or he was gone.

  2. Umm eww.

    Ronni thinking maybe you need to enable word verification.

  3. Sorry Melissa...I deleted the spam. I hate word verification, and don't get a lot of spam. I must have signed up for something recently...registered at some site that was questionable...