Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Flurry of Articles That Say Very Little

This article, from the ABC local site,, has one interesting tidbit:
Friday a West Valley Police spokesman said that Powell had been asked to submit to a 3rd interview about his missing wife. He did not show up for that interview Friday and later that night, another spokesman for the department said they now have no plans to talk to him again.
Does this mean that they are biding their time until he does something even more suspicious? I wonder how long it would have taken them to arrest Mark Hacking if his family had not intervened and talked him into coming clean...

Another article from the same source, this one from Friday: This one includes video of the distraught husband in the right sidebar. As the title suggests, the police are calling Josh a "person if interest," but "not a suspect." Police are maintaining that they don't even know that a crime has been committed. I sure hope this investigation is like a know...calm on the surface but paddling like fury underneath.

There is a Facebook group at this is probably a good place to keep up with the case.

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