Monday, October 12, 2009

Wolf Pack Film Group Party

PRWeb Article about a party Kaye and I attended a month ago. Alicia Barone and Richard Dodwell were there, too, as well as several hundred other people. I may have been the only one there who doesn't work in film...unless you count a rare voice-over.

The party was held to celebrate and publicize a new film maker incentive passed by the Texas Legislature. I met several people Kaye has worked with, and passed around some cards from A Cut Above Costumes. We have occasionally supplied costumes for films made in the Austin area, and hope to do more.

Many thanks and congratulations to Robin Blesch, whose tireless efforts to help the Texas film industry are really paying off!


  1. Fingers crossed, Ronni. you'll have your name in lights, yet.

  2. Hi, Mgt!

    Not looking for my name in lights...that sort of ambition is for the young and restless...LOL!

    Nice to see you!