Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Passing of an Era

Wiki Article about Leslie Cochran.

Leslie has been a fixture of Austin life since 1996. He has never had a permanent residence, or, as far as I know, a job. He has hung around Sixth Street most of the time, dressed in a thong and expounding his philosophies, panhandling and getting his picture taken. He has, in short, made a career of being weird, and has been a part of the "Keep Austin Weird" ethos. He has run for Mayor three times; thankfully, Austin is not quite weird enough to actually elect him.

The news reports seem unclear about what actually happened to him, though The Statesman says he has a head injury. I heard on the radio that he is conscious, but his family says he will not be able to return to the streets.

He will be missed, but I am glad he is recovering.


  1. Why didnt his family keep him OFF the streets?

    If his family is commenting as though they care, then I call bullshit.

  2. He is a stubborn coot, who chooses to live his life on his own terms, and I doubt if any of his family has had any influence on him. When this entry imported to Facebook, another Austinite told me that the family member quoted was "the only family member who would claim him as kin," or something like that.

    The rumour mill is saying that he is improving, regained consciousness, and is speaking.

    I bet what he is speaking is not printable!

    He's a Character, with a capital (or Capitol, heh) "C!"

  3. OMG...Ronni, when I read this I was so brought back home...I use to skip school and hang out with Leslie...he is super cool...I cannot believe people can be so cruel...Thanks for this post...

    Amanda B.

  4. Amanda, he is back downtown.