Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Biting My Tongue (Or Not)

I didn't say it. I wanted to.

When the lady came in, wanting to be "Cher" for Halloween, and measured in at 42/36/47 and about 5'2", I didn't say, "Wouldn't you rather be Mama Cass?"

But when the guy came in and asked me if the many yards of glitter net I was working on were part of a costume I was making for somebody, and I told him it was for a high school show, and he asked me, "Do the schools PAY for that sort of thing?" I had to answer, "No...we do it out of the goodness of our hearts." I did laugh and say, "Kidding! Yes, they do pay, but it doesn't come out of your tax dollars!"

Dearly Beloved, they reproduce! Home school! Vote! And beat us to the best parking places!

I worry.


  1. Would he also question football uniforms and helmets? Something tells me he wouldn't turn a hair at THOSE costs, and they're likely five times what glitter net costs.

    Stupid gives me heartburn.

  2. His kids are home schooled. I think he would turn quite a few hairs about anything to do with organized education.

    Translation: his kids are a band of undisciplined hooligans. Though, I must say that they are better-behaved with him there than when their mom brought them in without him.

    There are a lot of "flat-earthers" here in TX, who think that teaching their kids only what they want them to know is the way to take us back to the 19th Century. They may be right, but I can't see where that is a good thing...

    No offense intended to real home-schoolers, whose kids pass state tests and score well on SATs.

  3. Ronni, as a homeschooler, I don't take offense at all to what you say. I know exactly the people you are talking about. I had a lady call me the other day and ask me if I would speak to a friend of hers who was considering homeschooling. I told her that I would as long as the friend wasn't homeschooling in preparation for the Apocolypse. Would you believe the lady never called me?!?

  4. Yes, Carol...I have met some parents who take homeschooling very seriously, and are very successful, and their kids can graduate from some other university besides Pat Robertson's! My Vegan friend in AZ put an ad in the paper, back in the late 80s, to find other parents interested in homeschooling. All the answers came from people who thought she was "of the devil," once they all met.