Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Insurance Fights Back

Brave New Films blog has an interesting article about a new study cited by the insurance convince us that reform is going to cause insurance rates to rise.

We must be gaining ground. We have to hang in there. We could not possibly expect them to just pack up their tents and leave, now, could we? Read the article. It debunks many of the claims made by Big Insurance in its quest to part all of us from all of our money, while providing zip-to-nada in coverage.

Keith Olbermann, a week ago, proposed an idea:
It's really worth watching the whole program, available here. It is divided into segments, and if this link doesn't take you to the specific ones, look under the "previous" tab for "October 7, Special Comment."


  1. Yup, they're now going to throw everything they have into it now because they sense their little gravy train is running out of track; they thought their minions in the GOP with the Town Halls would be enough but, oddly, folks now just aren't buying into the fear-mongering as readily as they were apt to back in August. This is probably because a lot of companies are in their open-enrollment periods now in the Fall- everyone who has company-sponsored health insurance has been opening their HR packets and seen the extraordinary increases for this coming year. And now, suddenly, single-payer or public options aren't looking quite so scary, are they? I do have Health Ins. through work and a good thing, too, given my broken ankle last week. Now I'll have the time to go over the fine print and see what I'm in for! But without it we would be likely to lose our house. I say anything that gives us more competition (like, say, Public Option, for one) is a Good Thing!

  2. Yep, got my renewal notice today, and, once again, an increase. Not surprised at all, but it won't be long that I can afford even the crappy policy that I have that doesn't cover anything related to heart disease or cancer. Just hoping for broken bones, I guess! Maybe when I have my heart attack I will fall and break some ribs and see what happens.

    Those employees that still have coverage from their employers are dwindling quickly as companies are closely watching their bottom lines and the most controllable expense is their payroll and benefits. Soon the rest of corporate America will be just like us!

  3. People are really so passive, UNLESS they feel personally threatened at the moment, or their WORST impulses are being appealed to. It's nice to see that other folks are beginning to identify themselves as "the New Silent Majority" on this issue- and it really doesn't have to be a Left/Right debate- I see it as a "What-do-we-choose-to-spend-our-collective-funds-on" debate. Obviously, if the insurance pool is widened individual costs should go down. But the big insurers, who have been caught time and again colluding together in price-fixing schemes and divvying us up by region like so many Thanksgiving turkeys, are finally showing their true colors with this latest. They only wanted the appearance of "helping out" with the writing of legislation to help with their sorry public image. Now it looks like something might actually pass that would be a plus to the Tapped-Out Consumer, out come the long knives.

  4. Did you see the Olbermann program where he is trying to get us to support a program of free clinics? I'll find it and add the link to the entry. Something we can do...real grass roots, not astroturf!

  5. OMG Ronni, that video was a powerful statement and really puts this all in perspective!

    When did this all sneak up on us and turn so awful bad!?

  6. We've been too busy to pay attention!