Friday, September 25, 2009

The Worst Day of the Rest of My Life

My boss is usually pretty observant. The day I showed up at work wearing one pink Croc and one orange one, she noticed right away.

Today was really busy. I grabbed jeans from the pile this morning, and scampered to pay my electric bill and pick up the costumes from the cleaners' before I went to work. Got there, and hit the ground running. Trying to get as much done on "Man of La Mancha" and possible, in between working with individuals who want to be Cirque de Soleil performers, but don't want their thighs hanging out, and some who want to dress up as KISS for a rock star party. Came home for lunch, and went back for more of the same until 6:00 PM. Came home again and got to the theater at 7:00. Parked a few hot rollers in my hair, and strolled out on the deck. Frank said, "Ronni, are you aware that you have a hole in your jeans?"

A hole! Dearly Beloved, there was a 4" tear in the seat of my jeans, and of course, today of all days, I had to be wearing flowered drawers. All those KISS and Cirque de Soleil people got a good look at my flowered drawers.

Now I really know that Ramona was neck-deep in "Man of La Mancha!" On a normal day, she would have noticed that right away, and I would have found something else to wear. It's a costume shop, for heaven's sake! If I can't find something there to cover up my flowered drawers, there's something wrong with me!

I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is another day, and, hopefully, I'll manage to dress myself!


  1. At least you had drawers on, Ronni! lol So many people do not bother with them these days. I have some old favorite jeans that have been washed so many times, that split will happen to me, too...any day now.
    Jo Ann

  2. My soft jeans were third hand when I got them in 1969. They are i of the 2 things that I plan to have put in the casket with me. Yes they must be layered to protect any whatever. John wore them in the navy ,and Jim had them several years.I had lost over 50 lb and was complaining about my jeans falling off me when Jim remembered them and offered them to me as skinny pants.

  3. They don't make jeans like they used to!