Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News About Misty Croslin

You haven't forgotten Haleigh Cummings, who disappeared from her Satsuma, Florida home last February.

Reported last night on Nancy Grace: Ronald and Misty had a huge fight, and he threw her and her stuff out of the house. She was supposedly seen getting in a car, and now nobody knows where she is. Shortly before the fight, Misty's brother was thrown in jail for an unrelated offense, and, while there, told police that Ron had called him to go check on Misty the night Haleigh disappeared, because she wasn't answering her phone. Her brother says he hammered on the door, like to wake the dead, but nobody came. Ron's lawyer says Ron never called Brother. Seems that phone records would confirm or refute that in a heartbeat.

Today, we are told that one of the people with whom Misty was partying that night wrote a letter to a friend, stating that Haleigh accidentally OD'd on oxycontin and died. Another of the bright sparks at the party put Haleigh in a garbage bag and put her in the pond. Which would explain why police were pumping out a pond a few days ago. Seven months after the poor child disappeared.

Both Jane Velez Mitchell and Nancy Grace keep asking why Misty has skedaddled. They say, "Well, she's not a suspect, or a person of interest, so what reason does she have to run?"

I know. I got your reason right here: because Ron is going to kill her. The knowledge of that is what has kept her quiet all this time, in spite of failing more than one polygraph. Ron would kill her for being gone from the house that night, let alone for whatever happened to Haleigh. Of course, that's just my opinion, but I can see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

On "Issues," it was reported that Ron was asked why he married Misty, and he supposedly said something like, "You have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer," but that might be a rumour.

I hope Misty is not responsible for Haleigh's death or disappearance. I hope Ron doesn't kill her. I worry.


  1. Hi, Ronni- I've been looking in on "Rants" since noticing your posts on "Cam Brown". Been following this case on Nancy Grace, et al. Remember the first time you heard that 9-1-1 call, Ron's voice in the background? I know my first impression was- Wow, is he abusive! Because at that point, it sure looked like Misty, too, was a victim in that her step-daughter (what-have-you) had been kidnapped. I also thought- there's a reason he's acting like this, he suspects her of something.

    What really bothers me is that her (Misty's) disappearance of, what, 3 days (?!?) just prior, had never really been revealed to the general public until just several days ago- it was all new to me, anyway, and I've followed this as closely as possible for out-of-state. Surely, the cops knew about that, and didn't reveal in order to keep open communications with the hopes of finding Haleigh from one of these people? The whole situation feels so oppressively sordid to me. Our hopes were raised last week that she might be found, but when I think of her being returned back into that environment where, at the very least, everyone is smoking like fiends around this child with her respiratory problems, and all the craziness going on in there- God, just save this child is the best I guess we can hope for...

  2. "Oppressively sordid" is a very good way of putting it.

    Misty's disappearance was alluded to some time ago, but never really explored. I am so tired of these talking heads who never seem to investigate anything, but just mouth whatever information they are given. It seems to me that a good investigative journalist would have found out something by now.

    I am eagerly awaiting the verdict in Cameron Brown's retrial. I will post it as soon as I can, when it comes in. "Cameron Brown Trial" blog will probably have it before I do, and "Trials and Tribulations," so keep up with those two.

    Thanks for checking in, Karen.

  3. I have always thought that Misty left the kids alone too.

    My thoughts were that this was a regular occurance and that one of the pedo's in their park noticed. Interesting about the oxycontin though. No doubt these 2 do drugs. But a kid that age would not mistake a pill for candy, I have taken oxycontin (for medical reasons not recreational lol) and they are nasty tasting.

    Either Ron hurt the kid and went to work and left Misty to clean up the mess or she left the kids alone so she could party while he was away and someone snatched her seem to be the only things that seem rational to me at this point.

  4. Since I can no longer bear to watch Nancy Grace, I just read the transcripts and whoa baby, the letter about the Oxy is EXPLOSIVE. The girl who wrote it didn't have a dog in the race, no reason to lie, the letter itself was actually to ask her boyfriend for some commissary money for jail. It sounds like she mentioned the Haleigh situation in passing, like hey, remember that night?

    I think Ron has suspected Misty from the beginning. The line about keeping your enemies closer, that has been reported as Ron saying it. I've heard it more than once.

    I don't understand the whole situation with Misty taking off, either, or the alleged phone calls her brother and Ron had. It sounds like Ron didn't trust Misty to actually take care of the kids and sent her older brother to check up on her.

    Sadly, I think Haleigh is gone, and unless Misty and her trashy cohorts start coming out of their Oxy haze, this may linger on forever.

    I don't think Ron had anything to do with it other than poor judgement.

    Opressively sordid is a perfectly apt description.

  5. Until I heard about the Oxycontin Letter, I thought she might have left the kids, too. However, consider this: Haleigh was old enough to tell Ron if Misty was gone. What if she took her with, and deliberately gave her some oxy to make her sleep. That way, she could haul her home, asleep, before Ron got there, and nobody would ever have known. Except she died. The little guy could be hauled around pretty easily, at his age. Or left. If he woke up, or said anything to Ron in the morning, Misty could have told him he had a bad dream...

  6. You know, I have always thought that the little brother and his original statements (and Lord knows, the people around him have certainly had plenty of time to "work" on his memory), is of great importance here. Maybe the Feds have to get serious and threaten everyone with 20 years for this infraction, 30 years for that, to shake something out of the tree- they don't seem too cowed by the local po-po. I see the reward has gone up to something impressive. Maybe that will work. Somebody knows something.

  7. Why havent the phone records been checked? Why does Ron deny he called her brother? Drug addicts would definitely roll over on her for 70k.

    It makes no sense. I think the girl talking about the oxycontin may be leveraging herself for the 70k. Why would she ask her boyfriend remember, you were there? All mail is read by guards. This just sounds fishy.

  8. We don't know if the phone records have been checked or not. The info has not been released. Personally, I think it's time for the press to get down there and request the paperwork on the investigation. Florida has a Sunshine Law, meaning that documents must be released if requested, barring a very good reason to keep them private.

    The press is dropping the ball, IMO. The case has gone on for months; maybe the locals are bored with it by now.

  9. Oh yes, Florida's Sunshine Law allows access to just about damn near everything. Look at the Anthony case and how much is public knowledge.

    I have to wonder about the media as well; NOTHING is going on in the Anthony case, nor will it be for a while, so you think they'd be all over this.

    Where is the plucky young cub reporter who cozies up to Misty and gets the scoop?

    Not to mention, if someone actually pulled all the documents under the Sunshine Law, you would think they could put something together that offers some sort of scenario.

    On the other hand, maybe the cops know a lot more and haven't documented it because of the Sunshine laws and want to have a rock solid case before they make everything public.

  10. Nancy said last night that phone records bear out Ron's story that he called the house 20 times. He said he didn't tell Misty's brother to go over there, just asked him if he had seen her. The brother went over on his own initiative. I can see him not telling anyone she wasn't home, because she is his sister and Ron is going to kill her. She lives on borrowed time as long as Ron lives.

  11. I hope the police know where Misty is. I'd hate for there to have to be a manhunt to round her up when they finally do charge her with something. She must be afraid of the police, but she is more afraid of Ron.

  12. Referring back to Karen's comment (the first on on this post); Ron sounds abusive because he is. He probably did suspect Misty of something, but it is more likely that he suspected her of messing around. I'm willing to bet he had/has "rules" about what she was and was not allowed to do, where she was allowed to go and who she was allowed to see. Misty may well be both perpetrator and victim in this case.

  13. Her lawyer said she is at the beach with a friend clearing her head.

    I would guess the police have an idea where she is, though she isnt officially a suspect.

  14. And today I'm seeing that they've got a warrant out on Misty's mom (I work evenings, so record)- you remember her, teary and toothless. Check fraud, APB all over. I'm pretty sure the Feds have about had it with this bunch. Have no idea what to make of the letter, or this new info about a woman dropping it (or a diff. one?) off to the St. Augustine newspaper. I'm putting my money on the cadaver dogs (I'm sorry to say)- they hit on something in that dumpster, way when, and I'm thinking the local LE did NOT secure that dumpster on time- that it got picked up and she's in the landfill somewhere. It's a DP state, something even these none-too-bright folks are fully aware of; since the big carrot reward hasn't worked so far maybe the big stick finally will. Let's hope- it is so disheartening!

    And Ronni, I think you're right- Misty's fear of Ron is what has kept this thing from breaking loose. Whether she "entertained" some "gentleman" there in that tiny little trailer or went out and partied elsewhere she'd be in big trouble with him. What I keep imagining is that she may have "traded" a doped-up little Haleigh for drugs for herself- maybe it was (she thought) only for pictures, say, whatever- but "something bad" happened instead. When you look at the extreme number of pervs in this particular locale you've got to wonder....

  15. She would not have to have been screwing around to have Ron threaten to kill her. She probably was not allowed to have anyone in the house while he was not there.

    I think the dumpster is a possibility. I do not think she traded her for drugs, or anything like that, but perhaps I'm being naive!

  16. Well, as you know, Ronni, Misty's Mom's been busted (I'm home from work early tonight)- $100,000.00 bond! You know who I do feel hugely sympathetic towards, in this whole mess- Ron's Mom. Her grief is pure and unrestrained and every time I see her on the tube I just wish I could hug her. She strikes me as the one real absolute in all this. It's even evident in all the old pics of her with the kids, she's so genuinely in love with them and happy to be with them.

  17. I have always thought, from day one, that Misty was not only the key to the case, but that she knows exactly what happened. Her demeanor is almost identical to that of Susan Smith, when she was interviewed after the "abduction" of her boys.

    I feel sure the police know exactly where she is - she hasn't disappeared, except from Ron.

    As far as her mom a way it totally ticks me off that her bond is set at $100,000 for a $400 check fraud. The police would never / could never/ do that to anyone who was not poor. So justice is not blind - it depends on how deep your pockets are. I understand leaning on Misty's mom and brother to try to find out the truth, but the egalitarian part of me is FURIOUS that the "justice" system (justice used very loosely here) can prey on the poor like this.

  18. I agree with you, Goldie! Poverty is an unspeakable crime in this country. Misty's actions are not her mother's fault. Her mother has been doing her best to distance herself from Misty in recent months, having said that she thinks Misty knows more than she is telling.

  19. But maybe Misty starts coming up with more info now- remember how she comes up with a possible "dream sequence" scenario when she fails that last poly (the one arranged by Mr. Miller of Texas Equisearch?), that was just 2+ weeks ago. So they lean on the Mom to get something more out of Misty. It's not fair, but then neither is the fact this little girl's been missing so long. I think it goes without saying that in a situation like this, anyone who doesn't seem to be totally upfront and forthcoming with what they know should probably stick to the posted speed limit for a while (let alone trying to cash stolen checks).