Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks, I Needed That!

Busy day, today. "Man of La Mancha" due on Saturday. It was going well, but will take all the time we have to get it done. So, yesterday, we get a call from somebody doing a shoot for a commercial. They need seven each of black jackets, black pants, tux shirts and black ties. They sent sizes. No problem, except that almost all of our single-breasted black jackets are in Killeen, in "The Producers." As the TV commercial lady hadn't specified what sort of jacket, Ramona went ahead and pulled everything, and I spent an hour or two sizing the pants. Then the hammer fell. Double-breasted jackets don't work. Time wasted.

At closing time yesterday, Ramona got an email from one of the high schools in the area...I won't say which one, but it's the one that the kids from the other schools complain about at UIL One-Act Competition. They like to pull their own costumes, but Ramona has to work with them. Among quite a lot of stuff, the email said they needed six outfits consisting of red pinafores with white blouses. Ramona pulled a half dozen reasonable facsimiles that I spent an hour or so, sewing and pressing into what the director wanted. Of course, they got to the shop and changed their minds, choosing something completely different. Time wasted. Still, at least money was made on the transaction, unlike the former one.

But, "Man of La Mancha" is still due on Saturday, and we will probably have to come in early Friday and Saturday in order to get it done.

On top of that, Ramona's son had to be picked up from school and taken to the ER--his dad took care of that, but Ramona was frantic about him. Some sort of allergic reaction...

So, I scampered out to Leander after work to deliver some alterations I had been doing in my spare time, and look what I saw!

That just fixed my whole day!

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