Friday, September 25, 2009

Dress Codes

I would love to be the person who sets the high school dress codes! Wouldn't you?

Here's my list:

No cleavage. Period. Front or back.

Waistbands will be no more than 3" below the waist.

No underwear showing. Includes bra straps, boxers, or any other garment traditionally designated as UNDERwear.

No garment shall drag on the floor.

No high heels.

No swear words allowed on clothing, backpacks or books.

No artificially coloured hair. Special permission may be acquired from theater teachers, if necessary for a production.

No piercings, other than ears.

Dress codes shall not be used to harass students

I don't care if their pants are pajama bottoms. I don't care if they have holes in their jeans, as long as what should be covered, is.


  1. Hey, aside from the hair color rule, those are all valid elementary school dress code rules at least! :) Granted, we tend to be a little lenient for small girls with skirts who flash the world altogether innocently. I'm all for these rules, although I admit I like wacky hair colors. Granted, for elementary it's not rebellion, but rather the sheer joy of bright colors. Can't beat that. :)

  2. Truly, Lisa, I think a person should grow and mature enough in their own skin before they start making changes to it. There are other areas of life where a child can express their love of colour. And this, coming from a person whose two daughters went nuts with Manic Panic in high school. I went by the "It's only hair; it will grow" rule, but I still don't like it.

  3. Good point! And to be honest, our kids only use the spray in color that washes right back out again. :)