Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another POS Tries to Beat the Rap

Suburban Chicago News has an article about the progress of the case against Christopher Vaughn. Over two years ago, Christopher's wife and three kids were found dead in their SUV on a cell phone tower service road. He had a couple of superficial wounds. First, he said it was a drive-by shooting, and then he said his wife did it. She (supposedly) shot him, and he ran away! Not only is it inconceivable that a (normal) father and husband would run away and leave his wife and kids in that situation, but that he would do so with a bullet in his thigh puts that one right into the realm of fantasy.

Now, his lawyers are trying to throw the case out, due to the fact that a towel, found crumpled on his wife's lap, was washed by someone who worked at the morgue. Never mind that nobody ordered the towel preserved as-is, or that it was washed before he was arrested, or that we have no idea if there was any information to be gained from the towel, or (if there were) which side would have benefited from such evidence.

Another POS lawyer has himself a POS client. I know it's the job of the defense attorney to try anything to get his client off, but, IMO, this one should just say, "Look. Your best bet is to throw yourself on the mercy of the court, and maybe your sorry ass will get LWOP and not the death penalty." I understand there is a moratorium on the death penalty in Illinois at present, so maybe they could put Christopher Vaughn and Chris Coleman in a cell together for the rest of their lives, and they could compare notes on family annihilation.

I am SO SICK of this crap! There are so many people out there, who would LOVE to have the life these men had...beautiful wives, beautiful families...what is WRONG with these guys?

Let's not forget Neil Entwistle, found guilty last year of shooting his wife and nine-month-old baby girl. People, he GUT-SHOT his own baby! And like Christopher Vaughn, tried to blame his murdered wife.

GUYS! Here's a clue: if you don't want a family, then DON'T HAVE ONE! Don't impregnate anyone. Don't marry anyone. Just live your eternal adolescence, and stay out of the family way!

Sheesh! It's not rocket surgery!


  1. And don't forget the case of Michael Connelly who violated an order of protection 57 times! His psychiatrist testified that he was depressed because of supervised visitation with his two boys. They gave in, let him have an unsupervised visit, against the mother's pleadings. Bingo! He kills the boys and himself!

    Amy Leichtenberg is the mother of two slain children and is making strides in doing something about this so that her boys did not die in vain.

    These men (yes, mostly men) instead of playing on a level field, by the rules, are taking matters into their own hands and just assassinating their families!

  2. I've been reading a bit about that one. These cases just make me sick.