Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why Do They Hate Me

'Scuze me...'scuze me...all of y'all people who want to kill health care reform...

Why do you hate me?

Why do you hate the millions of Americans who have no health care?

I have worked my butt off for most of my life. Paid insurance premiums and rarely used the insurance. In a nutshell, insurance companies have not lost money on me. So now, when I'm older, with backaches and creaky knees and bifocals, I can't find health insurance.

I don't make an executive salary. I'm the only employee at my place of work. It certainly would not be reasonable to expect my employer to have a group plan.

So, I'm just SOL. Who cares about one old lady, more or less?

Are we feeling the love, yet?


  1. Hiya Ronni,

    Sent a quick email to what I think is your email addy. So hope it is. will check back to see if you got it.

    And, by the way, we get free healthcare, even if you have cancer. Wonderful!!! EVERYTHING IS FREE, no matter how much you earn. Even get a free ambulance volunteer to take you for your treatment and pick you up. It's hard to believe, isn't it?

    We don't know what Health Insurance is in this I'm with you all the way on this one.

    Love ya!

  2. I've been thinking about you. It is SO good to hear from you, Mgt!

    I will go and look for your can use the email link in my profile, if you've lost the other...

  3. The right wing-nut wackos will do anything and everything to try to bring President Obama down, and they're using health care reform to do it. They're a bunch of selfish old white guys of privilege who only care about themselves and theirs.

    Interesting NYT Op-Ed article by Nicholas Kristof equating our broken health care system to the almost 3000 lives lost on 9/11. It's so true. 18,000 lives will be lost in one year due to the lack of health insurance. The Body Count at Home

    People dying because they don't have health insurance is a travesty in this country. The insurance companies and their overpaid executives need to be stopped.

    Break a leg on the 18th, Ronni!

  4. Ok, here is something I can talk about. Our country sucks when it comes to insurance companies! As you probably know I had to lose EVERYTHING I had worked my whole life for and go on state just to get the care I needed! it's embarrassing to say the least! I gave up everything, my house, my cars. all to try to be healthy again! If I had had the care I needed to PREVENT this I wouldn't have lost everything. am I bitter? you bet I am! bitter, sad, and still in pain, as I have to wait for approval of every little thing I need done. Sorry to go on like this. I really feel bad for you. I know what it's like to not have it.